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Question-white1 click friends not working

by Melanie Joy - Jul 26, 2011 Star_s104 views

does anyone know why my 1 click friends disappeared on CV?

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12-em-plus add reply

I have 1 click friends on my Cityville but it will not automatically send me back to my city. I have to refresh my page and sometimes it won't allow me to go to the game because of the pop up at the beginning screen. I like the 1 click friend app but it complicates my game play on Cityville. It works great in Cafe World.


One click friends is missing and has been for some time. I've contacted Gamers and got nothing but generic responses. It does not work in either IE or Mozilla of which both were reinstalled as well as the tool bar several times without success. When do we get this feature fixed???


I just reinstalled the tool bar and its back up.. thank god.. Cant live without it.


yea, its dissapeared for me too.. completely.
i just play cityville..


does it show up on other games?

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