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Light-bulbFarmville double Mastery forever , Plantium Mastery Slowly Rolling out

by Albar Wahab Sharing - Jul 27, 2011 Star_s376 views

FarmVille Slowly Rolling Out 2x Platinum Mastery on Crops and Trees Forever, you can get the Platinum Mastery from the market, buy it and then place it in your farm , and now you can earn double mastery points on Trees & Crops Forever , Its gonna be expensive but it has a huge benifet , its been decided that it might be perminent or for 12 days ( not sure) The one who are lucky having so much farmville Cash can only Purchase it , as soon as i get a hack for it i will share on this page
Permanent 2x Platinum Mastery Forever :
Platinum Mastery – 300 Farm Cash

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12-em-plus add reply

Those are sick sick people... I won't lie this is one of those items I'd really want to buy but I refuse to pay $50 or so for it... I COULD consider it for 100-150 but it would hurt my soul and make me weep in my special place... but this just made me laugh. The funniest part is that most of those ppl that would spend 300 FV cash on any item are usually done with all crops and trees masteries so this is useless to them.


300fc are they mad ?

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