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Light-bulbSocial Empires tips, tricks and cheats

by Evan Hutchinson - Aug 01, 2011 Star_s4,638 views

When you take a villager out to chop wood, you can only chop 3 at a time; however, this means you can only have 3 trees waiting to be chopped at one time (I.E. with the yellow glow around them after clicking them). To get around this, simply wait until one of the three trees is chopped (has the wood icon above it, ready to collect), then click another one that hasn't been chopped. Keep doing this and your villager can chop unlimited amounts of wood in a much quicker time, but make sure to only click the ones that your villager can get to. Take your villager to the nearest forest and then click all of the outside trees in this manner. Then, once they're all chopped, collect on them, and chop down the next layer. Keep it going until the forest is all chopped down, and then move on to the next forest.

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