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Light-bulb[GUIDE] What to do when Farmville or other Zynga game acts funny, glitches, crashes or just gives you trouble

by Michał Hapka - Aug 04, 2011 Star_s11,218 views

We all experienced some troubles with Farmville and there was many posts asking for advice lately. So I decided to try put this guide together to help all troubled souls ;)
When Zynga games starts to act funny first thing you do is reloading it. Several times even to make sure the problem persists. You can do it by hitting F5 or using refresh button usually situated near the address bar of your browser. (You can also close the window and open it again).
The next step you want to do when something goes wrong and reloading doesn't help is clearing your cache (or your browser's cache ^^). I could try to give the detailed instruction here but there is to many browsers for me to attempt doing that. But there is excellent guide Here so I will just provide you a link ;). You can also try ctrl + F5 but to be on the safe side follow the steps of clearing it properly ;)
After clearing cache you should restart both browser and the computer. The later may be not necessary but it will never hurt. Now when you reached this point you check if the problem is still there. I know that some are really stubborn ones so let's check what else we can do.
We can try clearing flash cache. To do so follow THIS LINK and clear delete all. (See the picture)

Now once again we restart browser and to be on the safe side the computer. If the bugger still is there we need to take more drastic measures.
First one of them is reinstalling Flash. Here is a guide to uninstall it then restart and install it again ;). You can see how to Here

Second one is reinstalling Java. For instructions how to check here and here with the reboot of your computer in between ;)

When we did all that and there is still a problem there is one last step we can do on our own. Reloading the game to facebook (all data is saved on servers so you will lose no progress in game). To do so follow this steps:
1. Access your acount privacy setting

2. Click on "Edit your settings

3. Edit the apps you use

4. Click on the X next to trublesome app

5. Confirm the choice.

6. Go to the app once again after restarting browser and click allow when asked.

Hopefully after all this steps you will be able to play without any problems. However, we all know not all isues are as easly solved so If this was all without success you may ask why I even bothered to do so. I could have contacted Zynga in the first place (as now you have no other choice as to do so as nor me nor anyone on this site can assist you futher as we aren't affilated with Zynga in anyway). Let me answer this for you. First thing the agent will ask you is to clear your cache, second one will be clearing flash cache. Then the agent will ask you to reinstall flash/java/game or depending on the person will say he can't do anything and you have to wait. If you are contacting them by mail then It will take several mails ergo several days to go through all the steps. So in fact you saved yours and agent time by following this guide.

How to conntact the Zynga:
For farmville you can use this conntact form:
Also you can search this forum for alternative ways of conntacting CS.
If you are a Mac user than I'm sorry but have on idea how to do this steps on your computer ^^" I believe that reloading it to facebook and clearing flash cathe is similar for the other steps pleae use google. There is bound to be plentiful of great guides to aid you.

Also as Maureen Grayson pointed out the problem can be the lack of virtual memory. The obvious solution is to buy more ram. However this is rather expensive for some and should be used as last resort. Virtual Memory is basically simulated RAM (which means it's slower) but there are ways to increase the performance of your computer by increasing the paging file of Virtual Memory. You can learn how here: How to increase virtual memory also you can find this article on how to speed up computer interesting. Of course disregard the advice to update windows as this is pure advertisment.  Also in the department of speeding up your computer clearing the registry may be the right answer. All depends how messy it is. Here is one of many guides how to do this. I did not tested the programs described there personally but as always there is google to assist you in your search.

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just did the adobe storage directions and it helped my fv to stop freezing! tysm!


I have problems too, while these games my computer shuts down, turns off.. the games are slow to load and all this is a recent development. I am seriously considering not playing anymore, I just get furious, I contacted zynga they give you not help at all. I would never invest with Zynga, their games are faulty and your given no help at all. This is bad business sense. First rule of business..keep the customer happy..thanks for the advice I will try it..At this stage I have nothing to lose


I was on the Winter Wonderland quest and need to harvest my crops for that quest and now the new Deck the Halls quest is up and I can't finish the Winter Wonderland quest. VERY frustrating. I have to keep freezing my farm so my crops don't wither. Where is the other quest?


Unfortunately, If Zynga says they can not help there is not anything anyone can do. You might try getting them by chat just to make sure.


hi all..i have a big problem i have done all the quest for the english teritory and still cant get there..i have put in over 15 complaints to zynga and still nothing they can do is what im told :(
can anyone help plz


I mailed Zynga support 3 times the last days, for a problem. Every time they write: You should get answer within 18 hours, but i`ve got NOTHING. Do you know another way to contac them?


it worked 1 time then when i try to do it again it would not work i thinkk game unite need s to update


Thank you i never though I'd get it to work again


I know ppl have financial hardtimes right now ...but this may be worth it to you if u spend alot of time playing different games esp farmville..Ive been using for 5 years now System Mechanice it takes all the guess work out increasing ram...clearing ur browsers....finding updated drivers ..optimizing ur memory and increasing memory...and also fixing registry errors and compacting ur memory to get more use of also does all kinds of other things to help with speed and graphics ...U can buy it for 55.00 every year renews for 19.99 but its so worth it to be able to sit back and enjoy ur computer and games


I found a wonderful tool in clearing my cache because it does a registry clean as well. If the registry has broken sites this can cause a lot of loading problems. It is called CCleaner found at and it is completely free. Only use the CCleaner at or Piriform as there is a pirate version out there.
Once the CCleaner is on your desktop and before you go onto Facebook always clean the cache and then do a registry clean. I promise you won't have any further problems, especially on Gardens of Time - which is a must to be able to blitzes. Your Farmville site might still need refreshing a couple of times but that's not your computer, it is Zynga.

The only downside to this is your memory is deleted and it takes a little longer to load your farm or other games but worth it.


Just a little extra to add on the 'clear Flash cache' suggestion, this I tried ... Firstly, I got a slightly different window to the one on here showing the website storage panel. All I got was a flickering flashing dialogue box which took me to another dialogue box informing me that I couldn't go here! Up popped yet another box telling me my browser was closing the programme AND ... to add insult to injury ... 'Page Unresponsive' ... 'Plug-in Unresponsive' ... CRASH! Shockwave Flash has crashed!!! So what's new!!! LOL! Mind you, I did clear my entire cache, history, cookies etc etc since 'the beginning of time' (as Google Chrome put it) SOooooo ... did any of this help? Well ... not particularly but I suppose I played one session of the game without it dying on me! Tell you what DID occur about an hour ago during play ... I was informed my 'Virtual Memory Was Low' ... !!!


Thank you for kind words Tony ^^. I'll look into the Ccleaner and check if I can come up with a way to add it to this guide ^^. But that's tomorrow as it's almost 1 A.M. here and I have to do some packing as I'm going to some kind of resort at ungodly hour of 8 A.M... How you recognise an addict? My first question was if they have wi-fi there lol... But enough of my rambling lol.


This is fantastic Michal!  I also 2nd the idea of using Ccleaner as well.  However, if you're going to use Ccleaner, pay attention to your cookies; you can save the ones that are important to you (like your facebook cookies and others that automatically log you into your favorite sites)  There is also an option that will disable browser session clearing and keep your tabs from vanishing when you use it. (This is important if you use the "pin as app tab" feature that FF has.) 


Just download Ccleaner.. It will clean all browser caches.. go to and download it. Its the best. I've been using it for years..


1. One thing I often tell people, and this might apply to you Maureen, is to also clear your Flash cache as it is a separate storage from your browser cache.

2. I'm not sure about other browsers, but if you do a simple Google search for Firefox tweaks, you can program your FF to run A LOT better. I'm not 100% sure about linking rules (as some of the tweak sites are "unliked") but Google will bring them up. The tweaks require the user to go into the config settings on their computer so I wouldn't recommend it for really amateur users, but the tweaks are killer and I would never use FF without them.


Thank you for the pointers. I forgot about that. Also there is slight difference between RAM and virtual memory. Before buying new RAM you may want to try increasing the virtual memory. I do not know how much RAM you have so it may or may not help :)


Thanks for publishing this article. I did similar on Zynga Forums a couple of days ago having suffered continuous glitches, freezes, and crashes ever since the introduction of the English Farm. Just to add to the various points and solutions you've highlighted, players should always check the state of their computer's virtual memory. If the amount of RAM runs low, your computer will also slow down and make loading your Farms a nightmare. I cannot work my Home Farm more than once per week because things have reached virtual standstill. My English Farm is a little easier but the Flash either becomes unresponsive or crashes up to 6 times per session. The only solution for me is to buy more memory; I've just contacted the Forums for my laptop's manufacturer and was given excellent support. Hope this has served as a helpful little extra and thanks again for your very useful post.


I'm looking for suggestions how to improve this guide. Also I believe it's good idea to stick it on top of farmville discussion to made it easier to find ^^ So I'd kindly ask moderators to do so... of course if they agree with me on this ;)

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