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Light-bulbA lonely Animal Has Wandered onto your farm , White-tailed Buck !!!!

by Albar Wahab - Aug 05, 2011 Star_s128 views

A few days ago farmville Released a Wandering White Mustang which required 5 friend 's help to catch it so now their is a new Wandering Animal called White - Tailed buck ( Already Was released on july 29th 2011 ) which was also a wandering animal at that time , So its comming back and giving a chance to the people who don't have it to get it . We hope that its will be having the same method to catch it as a White Mustang . Its been expected that it will be released on 6th or 7th of August , Means 14 - 15 days after the White Mustang was released.

Sad White - tailed  buck     Happy White - tailed buck 

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12-em-plus add reply

It's out today. And appears bugged as well lol.

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