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Light-bulb Learn the ultimate cheat to get rich in coins, resources, and honor!

by John L Yong - Aug 11, 2011 Star_s1,012 views

    That's right. I'm going to be teaching the ultimate cheat that will make you never start a contract with a farm. Just follow these step, and then you'll be rich in no time.
    You will need: access to three accounts
    Note: In the post, I will refer the main account, dummy account one, and dummy account 2 as players x, y, and z, respectively.
    1. Have player y invade player z. 
    2. Invade with units that are extremely weak. This step is very important, for later on, you will be repelling the invasion at your dummy account. Because of this, it's best to invade with one unit that has extremely low health, such as an ironclad gunboat.
    3. Go to player x's account, and then visit player z's empire. 
    4. Repel the invasion that took place earlier. You will get 1000 coins, one of each ore, 25 oil and wood, and 5 honor when the invasion has been repelled.
    5. After repelling the invasion log out of player x's account, and log in as player z. Go to Empires and allies. Hover you mouse over the blue portrait next to the invader's portrait, and click the red x that appears when you hover over the blue portrait
    6. Go back to player x, and then repeat steps 5-7 until you're satisfied. What happens is that you keep repelling the same invasion, getting 1000 coins, 25 oil and wood, one of each ore, and 5 honor everytime you repel the invasion.
    P.S. Many people have had trouble using this cheat because this post can be hard to comprehend. If you cannot understand this, point it out, and I will edit this post to make it easy to understand  

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12-em-plus add reply

Wait, so YOU would get 1,000 coins and so on if you repell an invasion? Or is it that you would earn money if your invasion is repelled?


ooowh now i understand.. . thanks for sharing


Squeaky Meow: Sorry about that. When I created this post, it was explained wrong. It's been edited to be easy to understand.


Hi thanks for the tip but your explanation is a bit messy. Firstly where is step 5? And secondly there's no mention of player z. Who does the repelling, player x? I thought player x was the attacker?


I don't know How to make a screenshot. Instead I've made a short video that explains the x I'm talking about.


can u made a screenshoot for point 6. i dont understand where the red x

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