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Light-bulbThe Good Stuff Everyone's Talking about! Updated June 4TH,2010

by Richard Wilson Smith II - May 24, 2010 Star_s10,205 views

Your use of this information is your responsibility! I nor an member of this site or coolchaser .com take responsibility for your use.

Before reading any father this can not be used to place items on your own farm( with the exception of the tu*can cow & double Nursery Feature). It will cause an out of sync error and you could not only lose the item but, the cash as well.

You must have a friend or another account send you the items.The instructions are for the person sending the gifts only. And instructions are based on the experiance with the Mozilla Firefox browser(some other browsers can be used as well). Similar sets of instructions will not work! Please follow these directions.

This is our method we did not use anyone's edits only sought them for information their method is for advanced users we modified it so that "average" people with no hacking skills could use it too. The modification is something not released to the public to my knowledge so if you will please mention where you got it from it would be appreciated.

1) Clear all your cache for your browser.

Do this on your browser by clicking Tools>options>advanced>network>clear

Then open your farm.

Additional help: You may also want to change the number from 50 to 1000 so some of your pages load a little faster. I have all my pcs set this way. If Firefox is unstable then you can download

For a total clean of your pcs cache and temp folders you may want to download this as well I've used it for 2 years.

2) Just like in the previous hack you need a dummy account or a Trusted friend to work with.

Instructions for the sending account:

3)Open a Second tab and enter "about:cache" into the browser's address bar.

4) Your looking for the second group "Disk cache device" will have a blue link Example :"List Cache Entries" click this which will open your cache for your games.

5)Click edit at the top of your browser and select find.

6) At the bottom of the page in the "find box" Type in the word gamesettings it will match a file called gamesettings.xml

7)click on the link it will look similar to this:

8) The 7th line down is what your looking for. This link is very important on helping you do this hack.

9) Copy just the last numbers down on a notepad
C:\Users\Johndoe\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\t977azle.default\Cache\ "CCBB024Fd01"

I spaced mine so you could find them easy

10)Open a new tab & download this file to your desktop. Do not click the open with option. Choose the second one that says "save as". DO NOT OPEN THE FILE! IF YOU DO YOU HAVE TO START ALL OVER OR CHANGE THE FILE TYPE BACK TO IT'S ORIGINAL FORMATTING.


11)Click your windows start menu open "Computer" and copy the first part of the link

Example: C:\Users\Johndoe\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\t977azle.default\Cache\ (no numbers on the end this time. This will get you to the cache area of the game where most hacks are done.

12)Finally go back to your desktop or where ever you saved the file you downloaded from media share and rename the file to the numbers at the end of the gamesetting link

13) Finally copy the renamed file to the cache folder. It will ask you if you want to replace the file( if you have done this correctly). Go ahead and replace then refresh your farm. Click on specials or any tab you get the old mystery boxes and plenty more.

Now your all ready but here's the catch you can not place these items on your farm! You have to send it to a friend or log in a dummy account and send the items to yourselves.

If you want the market to return to normal just refresh.

Please do not post images on this forum post of the game.
Remember you must refresh your farm and clear your cache before doing it
I update this every few days so keep checking back especially if the game enhances!

Editing gamesetting files yourself can cause problems with your farm. If you don't know what your doing leave it to us we test all files before posting thanks.
And if we aren't offering it here then some error or issue was caused by that item when placing it on the farm.
Stop falling for these people who claim to have this and that! I could fool you into thinking that too if I took a quick snapshot or a short video. If they claim to have it tell them to show you it. Big key on wither an item will stick is refreshing.

Most of you with loading issues probably need to do some pc maintenance. Clean ups, defrags,temp file cleaning yada yada! Deletion of outdated programs no longer used that type of thing. It solves a huge percentage of issues. 90% of the pc's I remote to fix are overloaded!!! Take care of it and it will take care of you:)

Thanks again for everyone who helps anotherKEEP HACKING! :)

I'm tempted by more than average gameplay..

Enjoy again,

please hit like and share with your friends :)

© Rich Smith 2010 I do enforce my copyright! This post was made on Gamers By Rich Smith therefor no permission is necessary for © NextSmallThings 2010 · · · clipclip · Any other site reproducing this information in part or whole is in violation of DMCA laws.

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From reading several responses to this post, I think it's safe to say it does NOT work anymore. Rich has been away the past few days because of a family issue, please do not bother him by sending private messages.  If the status of this posting changes, please inform a moderator or admin, thank you.


well this hack always works....but i accidentally deleted the file..........and it is also removed from mediafire by rich of can anyone gimme the file.....i will help him/her with the me on facebook if interested


well i applied the patch updated on 4th june, i can see all the items in my market, but as soon as i buy and place one, it says out of sync and when i reload, the item disappears, also as said i was able to send gifts but the person i sent the gifts, didnt see it on facebook as well as farmville message center, can you please help


how to make this kind of a file


Does not work. :( Does anyone know another way that may show old items?


are the old items still sendable or buyable????

coz many ppl r saying silver pony is not there in d game settings till now

so how to view it in the game settings and whats d pt f seeing it if it is not sendable


The old items must still be there server side, they just have date hardcoded to cause oos, i still got old mystery boxes on my farm unopened so if they where removed from server you couldnt access farm. The apple exclusive items however have been removed so if you had these on your farm you wont be able to access it :p


By the way anyone has got news form rich and his mother ? How are they ? Hope for the best.


dang no more old items,,,, that sucks big hairy monkey ballz,,, i loved that hack !!!!!! :( :(


this has been patched and can never be done again.

how this was done is quite simple.. all he did was altering the value of the limited items, as everyone knows limited items have 7-14 days, all he did was altering this to 365 days, then the game showed all limited items avable on the server, then he took the file and saved it for others to get.

what zynga did to fix this is quite simple, they just removed all those old limited items from their game files,
it worked while they had those items still in their game files on the server.

if he would try this again today with clean cache and alter the values he would simply just see the current items all users see because all the old items have been removed from the server side.


hope........and wish.........your mom get well soon rich................


how do u get black stallion and black stallion foal one of my firends has both


is it the same for xp bcoz on my computer i cant get on to the folder in my computer i really need 2 know how


Hmm, I guess its totally fixed, I'll try for making a new cache file.


For everyone saying "help, help!" - scroll down and read Rich's comment, THIS DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE.


= O Rhys where can i buy the black stallion???


Angel you did miss something, PAST TIEMS ARENT SENDABLE, Its been said multiple times, its been patched server side, so now no sending either which was what they patched as it already oos when you tried to buy. SO no past horses , boxes etc, not even tuscan cow anything that was limited is out, although black stallion and white and rainbow apples are the new kids on the block this week :p


Christophe Riot, can't you read? I posted a question. When he has time he will reply. Best wishes to his Mom! Back off, you don't know me to judge me.


Angel can't you read, rich's mother is in ICU, i htink he doesn't have the time for this. Show some respect will you. He'll fix this once she's better. Be patient.


Rich if you're on line HELP! I followed the instructions, everything is available to me now, but when i try to send the mystery box or animal I get out of sync error. Did I miss something, done anything wrong?

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