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Question-whitebuying zynga game cards at a store

by Kathy A. Norwood Craft - Aug 12, 2011 Star_s264 views

When you purchase zynga game cards at the store which price the ten, twenty five or fifty dollar one to receive the free dart throw. Or can you not get a free dart throw from the store purchases?

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12-em-plus add reply

Yes, there was a pink pony after all, it was in my gift box (and the dart, too)


I just cashed in the game card from this site (100 points value), and received 5 farm cash (+20% bonus) and 1 dart.

No pink pony though, as it has been advertised


U get two dart for 25 dollar, I don't know for 50 ...


As far as I know you get one dart per game card the value of the card doesn't matters.


You get one dart with 10 dollar card. I am not sure if it goes up if you buy a bigger card.

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