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Light-bulbTop posters of the week ( Aug 12th) Congrats for getting 200 GU! coins!

by Amy Wong - Aug 12, 2011 Star_s485 views

It's that time of the week to announce the top posters of the week again!


Tonya Jones Collins - Grain Silo Missions and Blue Corn

Tonya has been working hard updating the Frontierville forum with new info! I've also just read from her post that you can no longer send/receive gifts from non-friends :( In that case, we need to take that the GU! link exchange page from the Frontierville forum :(

GU! Tools

Kat Comet - Active Friends ALWAYS selects 40

Thanks Kat for reporting this bug. It's always helpful when members tell us what the bug is about specificially like what Kat did in the post - she told us what happens when she tried to select friends and also mentioned when this started to happen. This helps us debug the problem as we often just see posts like "it's not working" which is not very helpful. Thanks Kat and let us know if you see any other bugs!


Michał Ha - Farmville Raffle Booth - New Feature ^^

Michał is our new superstar and has posted many posts with great information. In fact, 7 of his posts were all ranked within the top 50! In this post, he explains in great detail how the Raffle works in Farmville. Another of my favorite post by Michał is Animal Mastery Arrives at last! which is a great introduction on how the Animal Mastery works.

Belmin Hodzic - Farmville Animal Mastery tips

Speaking of Animal Mastery, Belmin has some tips that are good to know beforehand. How to harvest ugly duckings? You can read it to find out :)

Crickett Nicole - August 1... Free Dart... Disappeared? I want it back! And here is how...

We've heard from many people about how helpful Zynga's customer service is (in a way) and Crickett shares her experience about how she got her free dart back. There was a little misunderstanding between Crickett and Michał because one of the members asked where the Zynga chat link was and deleted it afterwards. In case anybody is wondering, here's a helpful post by our super-duper poster Vanessa.

Empires and Allies

We also had couple of popular posts for Empires and Allies. I currently don't play this game so not sure if the tips work so asked our super mod Tony. He said he's not sure about "for every 5 ppl you get to join as your neighbor you will get a 'air strike'" but other than that seem like they work great. Did it work for you? Please feel free to comment!

John L Yong - How to get unlimited coins

Kyle Echevarria - Easy Money And Xp

Garden of Times

We would also like to acknowledge Laura Baylor, a super helpful member who has been on our Gardens of Time forum. She has been helping many people find items and also left a great comment on one of the most popular question this week, how do u get more gold?. In addition to Laura's tips, we also would like to recommend you earn GU! coins and redeem them to Facebook Credits to get gold :)

Congrats to all of the winners and as always, please let us know if we missed any great posts!

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Off topic here but any word Amy on the $1 cards for the free mystery balloons?


@Amy well That person was kinD of idk Bad and this hack works and farmvillebot hacks always work the people leaving the commetn don't knew even how it work


The Same PRoblem Is With Me @alber : My POsts Got MAny LIkes But NOthing Intrusts the admins :P


@Albar, the selection process is very subjective and we manually choose what we liked among the top 50. Your post was a bit too hacky for my taste and I cannot verify if it works so I didn't choose it. The comments on the posts weren't really great also, maybe next time!


Inocent you are as welcome as anyone to post game related posts. If you are having trouble with posting in any of the forums let us know.



OK : NP BUt i am not able to post to this forum :


Sorry for late replay 

thanks Amy !  really love GU

Vanessa , I m glad U like my post

I had familly issues so I couldnt post  for GU :(


+1 Rae! Thanks for clarifying, hope this settles the issue.


I believe who ever posts first gets the credit for the post unless two people post at the same time or within a few minutes of each other. This is the fair way to do it. Now if you post about the raffle booth new information or post about some glitch with the raffle booth and this post got lots of views I would imagine you would get credit too.

Inocent I have told you once Vanessa is a top poster and not a moderator. She has no influence over who gets coins. Not sure if you saw my post. Amy and the rest of the moderators who choose try to be as fair as possible.

Also I don't think Michal won coins for his guide. He won for raffle post. Yes I ask for Michal's post to be made a sticky so that it would be where new farmers could see it so we would not get so many repeat posts. I don't believe Michal will benefit from his guide, coin wise every week Inocent if you are worried about that. :)


I think that the guide to describe what to do when someone has problems with Zanga Games is important and should be left on top of the forum so we do not have to copy and paste over and over again.   Great idea by the way and in all honesty it will save us all a lot of valuable time having to go into post explaining to people how to contact Zynga to have these problems fixed! 

Personally. Forget the Top Poster Award.. If I had thought about it or any of the other moderators before hand this would have been done sooner by them.... Michal did a great post and idea and deserves this...

Please note that I have no authority on this site as I am a guest.  I up hold my honesty and integrity when writing.. I try to recognize where I get my information forum, and acknowledge the people that have given me the information to the best of my abilities.. I do not copy other peoples post and claim it as my own for my own purposes..


With regards to double postings this has been an on going issue in this forum.. And I my self is extrememly pleased to have Rae Hull mondertering to keep track of these things..


@'Inocent Donkhattak
I believe that you are referring to my guide where I described what to do when someone have problems with Zynga games. Yes I did requested it to be made sticky on top of the Farmville discussions. But I did not do this to get more likes. I truly believed that this way it will help more ppl. Also your post on raffle booth have exactly same information as mine. Only difference is that I posted it a week earlier than you. I do not know if Vanessa likes you or not. This is irrelevant and also have no impact on how top posters are chosen. And believe me, double posting someone's post isn't going to make you the most liked person on the site either.


wanna Ask SOmething :P i Have Added More Easy Post On Riffle Boooth :But I Think Vanessa Dont Like Me ; Also I have seen The PErson Who Was Marked AS Top POster His POst Was Locked Thats Why He Got Likes :

2nd Thing : Last time i sigened In I HAve Done A post about the latest glitch :And Just for some time i made the post that its in secret :P but before i was able to add the description the post was marked spam : and i know Who is after me :OK As u dont want me to post : I wont :P THNKs :)


Ty you Amy, I would also like to point out how much it is appreciated that you take the time to write the comments that you do on the all of the winning post.  Your selection are well chosen!  Congrats to every one again!


Thanks for the info Chao. I was just wondering as Zynga shut down the online cards some time ago and my friends in states told me the lowest they saw was 5$ so I was worried Zynga decided it's done with 1$ cards. Glad to hear it's just a matter of time ;)


@Michał Ha We're working on it. Basically they were so popular that we sold out but we're purchasing some more, but it just takes time :( 


I was just wondering if there is any update on 1$ Zynga cards? Don't get me wrong I'm happy with any card at all as they are unavaliable in my country so only safe way of getting them is through GU. That was brilant idea to put those here as there are many ways of getting free fb cradits but I didn't saw anyother way to get those cards for free. ^^


I wanted to know what about my post it had 450+ views about raffle ticket hack


Thanks Amy for kind words. The best thing is that writing here is a great fun ^^.
Thanks. I could tell same about your posts which are great and also humorous ;)
I agree with you that live chat is best way to contact Zynga and I too used the links from your post as the Zynga chat often isn't availiable as often as it should. It eliminates the need to try every 15 in hope of it appearing.
Congratulations for other top posters as well ^^


Thanks Vanessa for always leaving a very thoughtful comment on the top posters post :)


Congrats every one!  Great Post out there! 


Belmin the ugly duckling was a great tip by the way!  I moved mine into the pond till i have my masteries in it!  Should be soon! 


Great Posts Michal!  I enjoyed reading them all!  The listing of what is needed in the latest quest is a great reference and I have posted it several times on my wall!  I hope it gets included with next weeks Winning Post!  The raffel and animal mastery were a fantastic read as well as informative!


Crickette your post is very informative to players not to loose hope that you can get onto live Chat even if you do not spend money!  People need to know that there are other options in contacting Customer Support by Live Chat! I use the links all that time.. Surprised Guilty as charged!


Congrats to all Winners!!

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