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Question-whiteUnable to load since upgrading flash

by Christine Robinson - Aug 13, 2011 Star_s6,793 views

Am I the only one out here who has been unable to play at DDC since upgrading flash? It won't load in either IE or Firefox. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled flash 3 times, with no luck.
The pics show up, the rectangle that should be moving towards loading shows and that's it. The only other thing that shows is at the bottom is error #2032 in IE and error #2046 in Firefox.
I contacted DDC. All they said was to do was enable javascript (it was and has been) and clear my cache. Those were things I had already done.
Their response when I wrote back was to say, well, uh, that is suppose to work. Then they closed my ticket.
There MUST be a solution to this problem. But I cannot find it. Have googled till the cows came home and cannot find a solution. In the meantime, I am completely unable to play at DDC. :(

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I have tried it with FireFox and Chrome...still get the msg..when I try to UPGRADE my flash player, it says it IS updated. DD just cannot take criticism. I had written them a nice note about them taking 4 million chips from me and starting me back at day one. THEY ADMITTED it happend and yet said "WE CANNOT REFUND ANY CHIPS AT THIS TIME"...this same thing happened to me the ONLY OTHER TIME I EMAILED THEM..Coincidence??? I THINK NOT.


If you haven't got it fixed this is how.
Microsoft: Start>Control Panel>Flash Player>Delete History

Problem solved. I had this problem for almost a year and have finally fixed it.


What operating system are yall using?


i use Chrome and still got Error #2046.That's very odd since i played 5 hours before without any problem.


Have you tried it in Chrome yet? IE is one of the worst and most insecure browsers on the planet, you should stop using IE regardless of this problem.

I use chrome and safari, both are great. Try loading it in chrome and see if that helps.

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