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Question-whiteHow do I get jobs on the pioneer trail?

by Sylvia Mayá - Aug 14, 2011 Star_s1,177 views

I have three friends as my crew members (hunter, carpenter, doctor), but when I go to the Jobs tab, the only job available is for my carpenter.  How do I visit my hunter's and doctor's trails to help them out?

Also, how can we post on the trail bulletin board?  The "post" button is grayed out, and I haven't been able to use it so far.

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12-em-plus add reply

My game doesn't have my crew either, instead I have my family, and they are unclickable, no amount of reloading, clearing cache and flash cache has brought them back so I can't do any missions because they all require crew.  Guess I can just hope for a quick fix


Thank you all for your replies and comments!


Sylvia, you have to be part of someone else's crew to do jobs. That means they have to invite you and you have to accept, just like you invited your crew members. You just hapen to have accepted a crew request from someone and now you're their carpenter. :o)

Greg, try reloading. My game kept showing Bess etc for while, then just suddenly started working one time I reloaded. The game definitely has a lot of bugs. Just give it some time.


Same here Greg


i think you only can go do a job if you are part of their crew and not ones part of your crew


You need to type something in the box before you can hit "post".

I have three friends but now I can't see the them on the trail to select them to do the missions. Anyone else have that problem? If I click on them at the bottom of the page it just takes me to the page where I can fire them.

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