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Light-bulb1-Click Friends does not work if 1-Click-Gifts is turned off

by Chao Lam - Aug 15, 2011 Star_s732 views

We you don't see the "GO" button for 1-Click-Friends, it's likely because you turned off 1-Click-Gifts.

This is a bug on our end. We'll be fixing it very soon.

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12-em-plus add reply

With Zynga changing the face of there asking for iems will snag bar change to be able to work again for 1 click gifts? some things it lets me 1 click friends but other things it doesnt.maybe the one thing i liked most.


It's not working for me either it's very irritating. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


And now then, as if by magic, it suddenly works again. Although I suspect the problem might have been related to Facebook making a slight change in the format of the game requests page. When the 1-click didn't work the section for each game was partially collapsed, but this change seems now to have been pulled back again.


Unfortunately, that didn't do the trick for me, so I'm still waiting for a solution. I also tried uninstall/re-install which also made no difference.


I had the same issue... both 1 clicks "vanished". all I had to do was ... Go to the Red "G" on the tool bar (not the home button, but the other one), go to layout manager and click restore defaults. Hope that helps.


Now 1-click doesn't work at all, and it has not been turned off.

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