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Light-bulbPioneer Trail Hidden Missions Guide

by Tonya Collins - Aug 17, 2011 Star_s35,310 views

All the mission details are posted here.  Below is a guide to finding all the hidden missions.

Case of the Curious Torticoon - Must complete Travails of a Travellin' Trader. The hidden mission will appear over a Torticoon.

Blackberry Pickin' - Must complete Travails of a Travellin' Trader. The  hidden mission will appear over a balckberry Bush.

Purdy Purdy Pignuts - Must complete Blazin' Campfire. The hidden mission will appear over an Owl Tree.

Missin Home - Must complete Dysentry Danger! The hidden mission will appear over a Wild Lupin

Turkeys Gone Wild- Must complete Who Wants Gumbo Stew. The hidden mission will appear over a Turkey.

Who wants pie- must complete Dysentry DAnger! The hidden mission will appear over a pecan tree

Lost lil' Bucky - Must complete Dysentry DAnger! The hidden mission will appear over a baby beaver by the river.

Cajun Crawdad Boil- Must have a ripe Crawdad Trap. The hidden mission will appear over a crawdad trap.


Wild Rice and Persimmon Puddin' - Must complete Pickin' Up The pieces. The hidden mission will appear over a Persimmon Tree.

Prairie Doggin' - Must complete Pickin' up the Pieces. The hidden mission will appear over a Prairie Dog Burrow.

Stocking the Root Cellar- Must complete McBaggins Well Wishes 1. The hidden mission will appear over a wild rice.

Stockin Up The McBaggins Homestead-  Must complete McBaggins Well Wishes 1.  the hidden mission will appear over a lavendar.

Gifts for Back Home - Must complete Giant Ragin' Inferno. The hidden mission will appear over a wild strawberry.

Skunkadillo Rumours - Must complete Not the Sheep Pa!, hidden mission will appear over a skunkadillo

Gonner Pass Dinner Party- Must complete Avalanche! , hidden mission appears over a Red Trillium

Apple Squeezins - Must Complete Busted wagon, hidden mission appears over a crabapple tree.

Missin' Home - Must complete Fixin' The Storm Shelter, hidden mission appears over a Blueberry bush

The missing Lynx - Must complete Build a plunger, hidden mission appears over a snowy rock

What Big Feet You Have - Must complete Trail Feast, hidden mission appears over a Manzanita


Pimp Your Wagon - Must complete Build a Plunger, hidden mission appears over a snowy rock.


I will do my best to update with information from the other  missions!

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to Veronica Prince Owens, download google chrome, it will allow u to get back on the game. it happened to me for a month, so i downloaded google chrome, and havent aad any proplem since playing


i cant find the hidden misson over the wild strawbery please help


Does anyone know how to get rid of old neighbors? I am going through the Trail for the second time and so many of my neighbors have never left the beginning of the trail the first time. It gets boring visiting them in the same place over and over....thank you for info if you have any


Thanks Jenny. I have the same problem like others and i saw your reply than i have email to them. After 2 days the missing hidden mission is just appeal after i reload the game.


@Jackie Hotton : I have the same problem, even write to zynga but get only some stupid answer they send to everybody if u like have problems with opening games...I am stuck for 5 days ,...Did u solve ur problem and how? please help!!! if somebody knows anything


I am on The Missing Lynx where I have to clear 50 snowy rocks with the doctor. I cleared all the rocks I could find last night, thinking some would reappear today so I could finish it. I have no more snowy rocks, now what do I do? Any suggestions? Thanks.


Same problem for me. Everything complete except for one Missing hidden mission. Contacted Zynga and they just said " keep tending your pioneer trail" and "finish the other missons". I had already told them that the other missions were already complete and even sent photos. I emailed them a second time to RE-explain this and have never heard from them again. Kinda useless.


@Stephanie, there is a mission guide here that gives the details of each hidden mission,  and you should be able to tell which one you are missing. If you figure it out and still can't find it after using the guide above,  you may need to contact support like Jenny said. There seems to be issues with some accounts not receiving them like they should. So far mine have completly matched the guide above.   


If you are missing a hidden mission, email [email protected] and explain your issue. That is what I did. I was stuck in Beaver Valley too! They responded within 24 hrs, fixed everything, and I have now moved on to High Plains! Good Luck!


How do you tell what hidden missions your missing? I'm missing one mission in the Beaver valley...


okay i think this is more of the same....but i am in high plains and the raging inferno never showed up for me so i've also never completed the gifts for home hidden mission...i am currently just waiting for one more chicken coop bonus collection and will have completed everything else....did i mess up somehow?


I am at the end of the Beaver Valley Trail and have finished all the regular goals. I never got the "Turkeys Gone Wild" hidden mission. How do I get it to appear?


I don't see any more hidden missions and I dont have any open missions besides the map goals and wagon upgrade - both of which are done expect finishing hidden missions - HELP!


I think the torticoon automatically appeared on the far left side of the 2nd or 3rd river for me. It's a really small creature.

I've got all my missions done in beaver valley but one and it's the map goals it is saying i still need to finish one more hidden mission but i cant fine anymore and also I cant fine any of these either torticoon in beaver valley hope someone can help me. :)


@Veronica - for that you have to seek help from Zynga Technical Support - only they can repair it for you:

I checked the posted issues and haven't found that one, so you'll have to get into any of posted issues there and report your problem. You can send mail from here:




thanks for the info Tonya not seen any new ones in a few days now Im in high plains have to do 6 only done 2 Grrrr working on fill them barrels and root cellar


Make sure you have completed the required missions as listed above. Each one requires that you have already completed a certain mission.  It is a little tricky but they eventually show up.  Also look very carefully over your land to make sure you didn't miss one. I have noticed that the ones on the High Plains are more difficult to get than the ones in Beaver Valley and will probably get harder  the further along we get.

Picture?type=square how do I get the hidden missions to appear? I have been using my character to do things around the trail, but I have only had two pop up

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