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Question-whitejust starting pioneer trail tutorial and cant find the hunter

by Ynah Ridenhour - Aug 17, 2011 Star_s461 views

i am trying out pioneer trail abd cant even start the game tutorial . the farmer is telling me that my hunter is the one with the muzzle loader and for me to click her and start hunting. i dont see her on my screen. is my game messing up or is she hiding somewhere? help pls

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12-em-plus add reply

never mind.. my game was messing up.. she finally showed up.. lol


im sorry , are you trying to say that i start playing as bess the hunter?cuz the big yellow arrow is pointing at me .. so how do i start hunting? i thought bess was a diff character than mine.


yes i am trying to start the game and the tutorial and the big yellow arrow is pointing to myself :( everytime i click on anything else it will say i cant do that yet


I think until you start playing Bess is the Hunter. You should see a big yellow arrow pointing to her or another character.  

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