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Light-bulbGift acceptor for Pioneer Trail Game Request page

by Terry Hinckley - Aug 18, 2011 Star_s4,777 views

This is a script add on (for Firefox only) for Greasemonkey that will accept all the gifts sent to you by your friends for Frontierville and Pioneer Trail. You should be aware that the in game gift acceptor does NOT accept all your gifts. Use it and then go to your "Game Requests" page. Start clicking and see how many of your gifts are still good and were never claimed!!  Install Greasemonkey first  and make sure it is running in *tools* on your Firefox browser. Go to this link and install this script. Refresh your page and go to your "Game Request" page on FB. Click on the first gift and the script will run and accept all the gifts for you. Some may be missed and you will have to do them manually but if out of 100 gifts you have to click on 7, that's not a bad deal. After it has accepted all your Pioneer Trail gifts it will stop and you will have to start it working on your Frontierville gifts .. or Farmville.  It is not cheating as these are all gifts that were sent to you anyway. Just saves a lot of time on clicking. Enjoy and share.

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12-em-plus add reply

oh wait yes it does haha


it doesn't work!


When you install this and run it, please leave some feedback as to how it works. Thanks If you have trouble with it, I can maybe help you with it too.

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