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Light-bulbLook for all your old mission requirements here, both Frontierville and Pioneer Trail

by Barbara D'Angelo - Aug 20, 2011 Star_s23,137 views

This is a list of missions in Frontierville and a link to the post that will give you mission requirements, just click on the title to go to the post.  There will be up to 9 new missions in sticky posts, you will find all the older ones here after they are no longer stickied.





Statehood - The state Capitol - Aug 2014

The Varmint Academy  - Aug 2014

The Solar Eclipse - Aug 2014

Dancing on the Frontier , Dance Hall - Aug 2014

The Frontier Inspection - July 2014

The Return of The Masked Lasso - July 2014

Golfing - The Club House July 2014

Meet Sarah The Etiquette Desk July 2014

Ted's Treasure Hunt June 2014

The Reenactors camp June 2014

Representative Jack  June 2014

Four Year Anniversary Missions - Luau on the Frontier June 2014

Father's Day on the Frontier June 2014

Min's Express - Import Export May 2014

Endangered Animals , The Wild Life Preserve May 2014

Country Fair Games - May 2014

Gratchette VS Steel- May 2014

Goat Mystery, Chupacabra - April 2014

Uncultured Animals , The Gallery Deco Storage - April 2014

Three Easters on the Frontier - April 2014

The Wild West show - April 2014

Jack For Governor - March 2014

The Science Fair -March 2014

The Masked Lasso - March 2014

The Leprechaun King - Runed Ruins March 2014 

Runt's Runts - The Rec Center Feb. 2014

The Country Fair Cook For Freedom Feb. 2014

The Lunar New Year - Feb. 2014

Free Range Animals, The Pasture - Feb. 2014 

Love On A Plate, The Restaurant L'Amour - Feb. 2104

 Volcano , The Gem Mine Feb. 2014

Railroad Baron, The Ridge Rail Station - January 2014

The Aquarium , Ice Fishing - January 2014

The Evil Resolutions - January 2014

Naughty Or Nice - December 2013

A Frontier Christmas Carol - December 2013

Holiday Giving 2013  The charity Wagon - December 2013

Frontier Photographer - The camera Wagon November 2013

Amy's New Gang - Debris storage - November 2013  

Thanks and Givin  The Wikiwah Camp Nov. 2013

Hibernation Preparation - The Dormatorium - Nov. 2013

Hot Springs - The Frontier Bath House November 2013

Harvest Festival 2013

Halloween 2013 - Ghostly Triplets October 2013

Trick Or Treat 2013   October 2013

The Great Frog Race, The Frog Track and Breeding  October 2013

Nature's Fury - The Nature Shrine  September 2013

Frog Invasion - The Frog Haven September 2013

Bug Collecting - September 2013

Jack's golden Fiddle - September 2013

The Dreadful Drought - August 2013

Firehouse Chili Timed Mission  August 2013

Donkey Basketball - Prized Donkeys August 2013

Ted's Past - The Warehouse Storage - August 2013

The Fishing Derby - August 2013 

The Swimming Hole - August 2013

Summer Camp - Bear Storage  July 2013

Gifted Vision - The Spirit Tree July 2013

Bess and Ted's Wedding - July 2013

The Supply Depot - July 2013

Castin' About Timed Mission July 2013

Fireworks Show  June 2013

The Soda Shop - June 2013

Dinosaur Bones  - The Bone Site June 2013

Bull Games - June 2013

Doc's Scavenger Hunt - May 2013

Third Anniversary - The Frontier Park May 2013 

Bountiful Bunnies - The Rabbit Ranch May 2013

The Grange - Prized Animal Storage May 2013

The Frontier Circus May 2013

Spring Flowers Celebration May 2013 

Spirit Totems April 2013

Kite Flying on the Frontier April 2013

The Build-O-Matic April 2013

Bigfoot Sightings - The Mystery Wagon April 2013

The Spring Fling - Orchard Upgrade April 2013

Tornado on the Frontier April 2013

Raised Beds - The Spring Garden - March 2013

The Lumber Yard - March 2013

Jack's Gold - March 2013

The Egg Encubator March 2013

The Butterfly Habitat - March 2013

Flag Crafting - The Survey Station March 2013

Animal Companions - The Companion HQ March 2013

The Stable - Rideable Storage February 2013

Worrisme Wedding - The wedding Gazebo February 2013 

Kitten Invasion - Prized Kittens February 2013

Bess' Mom - The Botanical Garden February 2013

Heart Letters For Friends - The Candy Heart Press February 2013 

Avalanche Rescue Missions February 2013 

Ginormous 51 x 51 and Jumbo 53 x53 Expansion Missions January 2013

The Candy Shop January 2013

Frozen Surprise January 2013

Ice Sculptures - The Ice Hotel January 2013

Playtime Missions and Animal Hospital upgrade January 2013

Jack's Adventure - The Pigeon Loft January 2013

New Year Snowman - Timed Mission January 2013  

Healthy Hank Missions and build, December 2012

A Winter Chill - Timed Mission December 2012

Winter Fest - The Snow Slide and Gold Medal Snow Men December 2012

Filling in for Santa, December 2012

Toys for Tots Timed Mission , December 2012

Stained Glass The glass works , December 2012

Holiday village, The Merryville Grinch December 2012

Holiday Decorations  - The Holiday Glade  November 2012

The Great Balloon Adventure November 2012

 Pigskin Party November 2012

The Smoke House November 2012

The Inferno, Exinguishinator November 2012

The Turkey Stampede November 2012

Saving Thanksgiving Day November 2012

Quilt Making - November 2012

The Harvest Festival , Combine Harvester Oct. 2012

The Frontier Auction Block Oct. 2012

The Mummy's Curse, The sacrophagus Oct. 2012

Pumpking Carving Missions and Building Oct. 2012

The Gratchett's Redemption Oct. 2012

Help a Soldier - Oct. 2012

Burnin Up - The Firewagon Oct. 2012

Countdown to Halloween Oct. 2012

Lost Memory Oct. 2012

Building a Leatherworks - Sept. 2012 

The Dog Show - Missions and Building Sept. 2012

The Animal Habitat Sept. 2012

Help Save Jack! Sept. 2012

Pen Pal Package , The Military Parcel Wagon Sept. 2012

The Firestation - Fire on The Frontier Sept. 2012

The Great Cattle Drive - Sept. 2012

The Apple Festival Sept. 2012

Throwin Down With Amos - Timed Mission Sept. 2012

Family Bonfire - August 2012

Prancing Ponies Missions - August 2012

Rescue Ted: White Grizzle Trapping and Taming - Auguts 2012

Jack's Mineshaft - Jack's Gone Mission Auguts 2012

Soldiers Pen Pal - Auguts 2012 

45x45 and 48x48 Land Expansion Missions  August 13 2012

Frontier Games - Going For Gold August 2012

The Mysterious Lost Crate  August 2012

The Civic Center - Store 12 Buildings! August 2 2012

The Fitness Fort - Golden Bell Burly Bulls July 2012

Bess and Ted - Wild Animal Taming July 2012 

Humble Bob's Carnival Games July 2012

Hungry for Some Games -Timed Mission July 2012

Prize Animal Storage July 2012

The Country Diner - July 2012

Meet Ted - The Animal Aid Station - July 2012 

Exploring the Past - Archaeological Dig Site and Museum - July 2012

Build A Ferris Wheel - July 2012 

The Shearin Salon - The Fluffiest Sheep on The Frontier! July 2012 

Independence Day 2012 - Fireworks Amphitheater

The Library - Building and Missions - June 2012

Frontier Talent - Help Humble Bob - June 2012

The Sheriff's Academy - Getting The Badge - Missions and Building June 2012

Who's Best For Bess - June 2012

The Wishing Fountain - June 2012

Holiday Hall - Building and Missions - June 2012 

The Courthouse Arrives, Building and Missions - June 2012

Pioneer Trail 2 Year Anniversary Celebration, Orchard Expansion May 2012 

The Clock Tower, Missions and Building May 2012

The Prize Pig Pavillion, Missions and Building May 2012

The Jail House - Building and Missions May 2012

It's Baby Sittin Time! - May 2012  

The Fishing Hole - May 2012

The Country Fair - May 2012

Mae Day Mysteries - May 2012

The Dream Bakery - Missions and Crafting  May 2012

The Town Hall April 2012

The Hidden Meadow - Family Outing April 2012

The Sheriff's Office - Building and Missions,  April 2012

Stately Estate - April 2012 

Keep the Kids Entertained - Nursery , Playroom, Playground,  April 2012

Cow Girl Training - Little Crow April 2012

Bert's Imports - Building and Missions April 2012

The Maternity Center - Hank And Fanny's Babies Arrive! April 2012

Panicking Panthers Missions April 2012

Family Reunion BBQ - Chili Cook Off March 2012

The Telegraph Station - Stay Connected March 2012

The Frontier Works - Store 9 Buildings! March 2012 

Barter Depot and Victorian Mansion March 2012

Family Tree Missions and Crafting March 2012


The Irrigation Station Jan. 2012

Little Crow and Stork timed mission Jan 2012

Emporium building and missions Jan. 2012

Hank and Fanny - A Home of Their Own  Jan. 2012

The Tunnel of love - building and missions Jan. 2012 

The Crop Nursery - Building and missions Jan. 2012

Timed Missions - All Aboard!, Benjamin's Bare Feet, Treats For the Yeti, Chocolate Conundrum Jan. 2012

New Year's Hoedown and Resolution Missions - 2012

A Lil' Miricle - Wikiwah Healing Missions Dec. 2011

10 days of Presents - Dec. 2011

Timed Mission: Tree Trimmer Taunts Dec. 15, 2011

Timed Mission: Ragdolls Galoare Dec. 14, 2011

Holiday Hollow Missions and guide Dec. 2011

Hogknockers Timed Missions - That's Some Pig, The Trouble with Truffles, Bringin Home the Bacon

Getting Ready for Holiday Hollow - Give Nettie a Gift Dec. 2011

Legend of the White Buffalo - Buffalo Shrine Nov. 23, 2011

Shaman Respect Missions, Thunder Moon comes to the frontier, Nov 15

Timed missions, Road Runner steals fire, Pecos Bill, Bringin Magic to the frontier, ex Dec 10th Nov11

Thanksgiving Feast (2011) Nov 9

Thinkin Tree - Tree Mastery Missions Nov 8

Little Crow's Hideout - Building and Repeatable Missions Nov 3

Brick Oven And Bakesale Missions  Oct 28

Craft Workshop - Building and Missions Oct 25

Trick or Treat Missions - Spook Shack Oct 21

The Haunted Homestead - Tarot Card Sweepstakes Oct 18

Halloween Hutch and Missions - Fanny has a Secret  Oct 12

Ghost Town Game Plan Oct 8

Homestead Missions - Ghost Town Oct 7

Ghost Town Missions and Item Links Oct 7

3F garden and crop mastery Oct 5

Baby Bunyon and Misions Sept 28

Greenhouse building Missions and new crops Sept 24

Shanman Lodge missions Sept 23

Capital One Promo and Bandstand Missions Sept 20

Chilling Out, Ice shed Building and Missions Sept 15

Potting Shed, Potting shed missions and new collections Sept 13

The First Day of School Repeatable Missions and Upgrade Sept 9

The new Animal Mastery building and Missions Sept 3

Bank Missions and Bank building guide August 30

Chuck Wagon August 27

Pioneer Trail Hidden mission guide August 14

Pioneer Trail Missions August 12

Mission Gift Request links  August 12

Grain silo misisons and blue corn August 3

Flintlock returns missions July 29

6 New timed missions July 27

Yosemite Honeymoon missions July 27

Inn upgrade missions July 22

Dr's Office upgrade, Animal Hospital July 19

Packing Bags and picking bangos July 15

Save the Children missions, Hammer Forge, Poineer Pavillion, Golden Trails Collection July 12

The Beastly Land Expansion July 9th

Hank and Fanny's Wedding  July 8

Birch Still missions, Chili Peppers, New Drinks July 5

Fourth of July missions July 1

Fowl pond and ducks June 27

Rodeo Arena, Missions and Racing June 22

Frontierville Legends: Cordwood Pete June 20

Pioneer Camp Mission June 18

Fanny's Getting Hitched, Planning the Big Day June 16

First Aniversity missions June 10

Saloon Poker Table goals, help Hank play poker  June 7

Colossal land expansion missions  June 2

Hankering for Fanny missions, wedding wagon June 1

Big barn upgrade may 25

Orchard building and missions may 24

Ducks the next injured animal may 24

Legends II and III, Calamidy Jane and Johnny Appleseed May 22

Cowgirls don't cry mission may 20

Frontierville Saloon, building and missions may 18

Fort Courage shower goals may 12

Livestock pen and breeding may 11

Dog training guide

Kennel and Kennel missions may 5th

Grannys Mothers day mission may 5th

Frontierville legends, blue ox

Its bigger on the inside-buildings in the storage shed

corral upgrade april 28

corral missions march 30 

Well spring missions april 23

Pet shop april 19th

Granny and her missions april 17

Ponderosa lodge April 13

Oregon Trail April 15

newspaper stand missions April 8th just missions no building

 Canning master april 4th

Aprils fools missions march 31st

Spring has Sprung march 25th

Enormous Homestead Expansion 37x37 march 24th

Dog house missions march 22

Finkertons Detective Agency March 18th

St Patricks Day march 15th

coyote missions march 11th

Repeatable Storage shed Expansion mission march 4th

Flower cart and missions

Repeatable flower missions march 1st

chicken coop expansion missions

Injured Animal White buffalo  


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This is information on your older missions so you can plant crop planting and requesting items, it doesn't give you anything but information which some people find helpfull


I don't understand how this helps? Unless I am doing something wrong it didn't give me anything.


super helpful, thanks!!!


ty twas helpful


ty so much for this it has been real hard to catch up after 7 months of not playing and this helps a whole lot

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