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Light-bulbFireFox New Upgrades GU tool bar not showing up?

by Vanessa Galpin - Aug 21, 2011 Star_s161 views

Ok just upgraded my firefox and the GU tool bar is not showing nor can I add it on?  Also Google is not not compatible.. the only one seems to be working is Explorer.. Does anyone have any solutions or a quick fix? 

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12-em-plus add reply

I tried that.. all i can do is open a tab.. its not showing up on my tool bar.. nor can i figure out how to add it.. i did add google.. it would allow me too.. but not gu.. I must be doing something wrong..



When I updated mine FF to 6.0 it was already there as if nothing happened at all... I didn't installed new one just FF updated itself without really asking me... You can check in Firefox -> addons (above options) and there second tab if maybe it is switched off? (Sorry but I have a Polish version and I'm unsure if direct translation would do any good).

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