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Question-white1 Click Gifts

by Bobbie Rachford - Aug 21, 2011 Star_s472 views

When I try to use the 1 click gifts to collect my gifts from my game request I cannot get Pioneer Trail or Frontierville now.  They are there but when I start the "accept"  as soon as I get the "processing" message it immediately goes to the game and stops collecting the gifts from my game request.   I tried unloading and reloading, etc but no help.  Anyone else have this issue?  Any suggestions?  It still works on Cityville and Farmville.  Just not PT and FtV. Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks :)

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12-em-plus add reply

9/11/11, Tonya, Is GU anywhere near correcting this problem??


I am using firefox. So I guess I'll have to use google chrome.


I have started using google chrome for my 1 click gifts and it works fine


I am having the same issue. It doesn't matter what type of gift it is for frontierville. Once the snag begins, it automatically begins to load the game. Even for regular gifts. Pionerville, the snag bar will run for a while until you hit inn invites, etc, as mentioned but frontierville doesn't matter.


Is it happening when someone sends you an invite to join their crew? There is a known  problem when someone sends you a crew requests and the crew as full. It also happens sometimes with The inn invites.  

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