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Question-whiteMy "One Click Gifts" and "Recent Game Player" Not Working

by Kat Comet - Aug 22, 2011 Star_s371 views

My click gifts isn't working....have reloaded...none of my 265 game requests have the option.  Also, when choosing which friends in games to help me out (most recently played chooser thing)...that option no longer is coming up in any of my games.
Not sure if I'm just missing something, if my game bar is out of whack or what.  This started happening yesterday (Saturday, 08/20/11). 
Pleeeeeeze help, I'm lost without these wonderfully fantastic tools!

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12-em-plus add reply

help I checked and I do NOT have secure browsing enabled and I am still unable to use the 1-click function for several days now


Yes, I double checked and everything is checked as it should be in my prefs. Like I said, it's working in Farmville and Cafeworld. It was working fine up until they switched over to Pioneer Trail, then it just wasn't there anymore.


I am having sort of the same problem. Ever since it switched over to "Pioneer Trail", I have not been able to click on the option to select "active friends" to help me as well. Everything is checked as it should be and I am able to use this in my other games (Farmville, CafeWorld, etc) so it's only happening here and it's really frustrating. Any help would be appreciated!!!


Try clicking on the tool icon on your snag bar to bring up your prefferences . Make sure that you have the box next to each one enabled. 

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