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Question-whiteZynga is currently banning for use...

by Carol Costello - Aug 22, 2011 Star_s159 views

As of today, I've been banned by Zynga but no date or whether it will ever be lifted has been given to me. This sucks. They're not getting another cent from me, and monthly I bought items on their games.

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12-em-plus add reply

I`ve been also banned in all games in which GU can be used. Curiously, VampireWars and Hidden Chronicles still work.
I got a message a few days ago in CastleVille, but as than nothing happened I didn`t take it serious.
Can it be because of using GU? If you find out something please let me know.


Only thing I can think of is this, because there's nothing else that could possibly cause it.


Why did they ban you? Did they say? Maybe if you contactrd the chat support and talked to them. I know a neighbor of mine recently got reinstated after talking to them.

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