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Light-bulbLATEST:FARMVILLE RECENT GLITCH(win raffle prizes)

by Fatema Rohawala - Aug 23, 2011 Star_s1,061 views

I would like to thank my friend joe di mauro who helped me find it actually....and told me about it
the glitch works as....if u or one of ur friends played raffle...and won any tem be it common or rare....the ticket which won is supposedly sent by someone to him or her....that person shares what he gets with person who gave him the ticket.... for example
**** just won a Ram (Flowered Green) with your raffle ticket and has an extra for you!
***** just won a Ram (Flowered Green) with the raffle ticket you gave them and wants to say thanks by sharing one with you.
now this gift is meant for the person who sent **** the ticket....
the glitch is neone can claim from  the wall..and that person will get the prize...
so if u didnt win rare in ur raffle u still have chances to get from others the rare prize....
u just got to be faster than the person who hass ent the ticket...
goodluck guys
the glitch is also posted on this site..if u would like to ahve a view

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12-em-plus add reply

Just to add a site note here, not such a clever idea to suggest page that requires people to like the posts of items they claim, Fatema. Ask anyone else here, excessive use of the like feature can get one's account suspended. That is why not everyone clicks like on every post of everything they snag.


I have never seen any post on my feed like that. I have only ever seen posts that are sharing more tickets, not the prizes themselves. Plus, what was posted on FV Geeks was players who choose to keep their profiles public so anyone can go to their page and claim the item.


no it is meant to be collected by the sender of the ticket is therefore poated to the senders wall only n not as a general post..the glitch is that it can be collected by others also...i think it is due to some glitch by zynga n they will soon fix enjoy till u can


Interesting but not a glitch. As any other post, it goes to whoever clicks on it first.

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