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Light-bulbChuck Wagon (homestead mission)

by Tonya Collins - Aug 27, 2011 Star_s1,823 views


The Chuck Wagon will be comming soon to our homestead! The best part is that it can be used to craft rations for the pioneer trail!

You must be level 16 + to receive these missions. You can cook up to 4 times a day in the wagon, but keep in mind you can only have 10 wagon rations in your wagon at a time. The bonus is not collectible until you complete the third mission.

Items request links:

Coffee grinders


15 chuck boxes

15 wooden spoons

15 dinner bells 

Brown Sugar

Corn bread

Ground Chuck


Part I. Meet Cookie!

harvest 40 tomatoes

tend 30 geese

clean 15 wildflowers

rewards: 1 ration ,100 xp 150 coins

Part II. Most Important Meal of the Day

 tend 40 chickens

harvest 50 potatoes

have 15 coffee grinders

rewards: 1 ration, 200 xp, 250 coins

Part III. Down home Cornbread

harvest 50 corns

feed 30 adult cows

have 10 bacon drippins

rewards: 2 rations, 400 xp, 1 chef outfit

Part IV. The Spice of Life

harvest 50 sunflowers

chop 40 neighbor trees

have 15 dredgers

rewards: 2 ration, 600 xp , 650 coins

Part V. Chuck Wagon Chilli

 harvest 50 peas

visit 15 neighbors

have 15 tooting fruit

rewards: 2 rations, 800 xp , 850 coins

Part VI Cherry Cobbler

harvest 30 cherry trees

tend 50 goats 

collect 15 jars of brown sugar

rewards: 2 rations, 1000 xp, 1 chilli bear decoration 


Jalopenos can be found by doing random things on your homestead. Cornbread and ground chuck are requested from friends.


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12-em-plus add reply

i started this mission today and it freaking rolled back on me!


the wagon sux as soon as you make ur rations you have to use them, made rations twice today and its telling me i have to wait 22 hr's to make them again Grrr we are post to be able to make them 4 times a day I would report it to Z but it takes them to long to reply and they wore doing so good,


@Joanne, that was a typo on my part, sorry. Also the peas and sunflowers are correctSmile


Part III. you have to harvest 50 corn not tend them - are the peas and sunflowers correct? Harvest and not plant and for sure it's peas and sunflowers?


same only getting 1 bacon dripping every time I post, oh well I guess it's not meant to be easy :((((((


I'm getting 1 bacon drippin's per post, and am not having any luck getting them off my friends' walls. It's going to take a very long time to post for the stuff 10 times :(


i am not getting bacon drippins' either


I'm not getting the bacon grease or any thing I post to my wall , even though people claim to be sending them. I do get items when I send them to others. Is anyone else having problems with this? It seems to be only on these missions because I am getting the trail items I post to my wall.


Got mine this morning, working on it now, gonna take sometime tho beings we cant use the link exchange Grrrr lol


I got my chuck wagon about 4 or 5 hrs ago which would have been Fri nite 6 PM Arizona USA time. I am now waiting to get the rest of the coffee grinders I far working great....cross fingers


Not sure. According to the Zynga,  soon but we all know what that means!


Any idea as to when this is going to be released?

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