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Light-bulb100$ per month to access Zynga Live chat is UNTRUE!!!

by Michał Hapka - Aug 30, 2011 Star_s296 views

Yes you need to pe paying customer but 100$ is false (confiremd by Zynga representative). I couldn't access the FV chat (in last 3h) but had no problem with Cafe World chat. I didn't paid a penny to Cafe World so it confirmes that you need to pay only for one game and get access to support for all of them. I also was chatting earlier today with FV representative and this is supposed to be in effect since yesterday. Out of all chats FV is the most elusive one as always there are many ppl trying to get in. Although it may not be popular move it may allow us paying customers easier access to it. I know it's tripple post but I want to stop the complaining about something that is totally untrue before it begins. There is enough of things to complain about with Zynga we don't need to create the unexisting issues.

I don't have exact amount needed to be signed into the prefered list but I do believe 5$ is enough.

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