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Light-bulbBank Missions and Building Guide

by Tonya Collins - Aug 30, 2011 Star_s4,897 views


You will start by purchasing a Penny bank in the market. To complete the bank you will need to have 10 abacus, 10 loan papers, 10 safes, 15 gold bars, 15 scales, and 15 bankers books. After you complete your bank you will be able to upgrade it to a nickel, dollar, silver, gold, Platinum and diamond bank for better rewards. You will also  be able to deposit coins in yer bank to earn rewards and also collect bonuses from your neighbors banks.

A Nest Egg

Start Building a bank (can purchase in the market)

Clear 10 grass

Collect 1 general store Bonus

rewards: 100 xp, 500 coins, bag of money

Paper Pushin'

Visit Jack’s Homestead and Collect from his Bank

Visit 5 Neighbors

Collect 12 Bankin’ Permits

rewards: 200 xp , 500 coins, bankers apron

Them Bulls n' Bears

Scare 3 bears

tend 10 adult oxen

collect 10 gold certificates

rewards: 300 xp, 500 coins, grizzly oak

Coutin' yer Chickens

Buy 5 Chicks

Sell 20 Adult Chickens

Make 4 Bank Deposits

rewards 500 xp, 500 coins, chicken

Seal the deal

collect a neighbors bank bonus

harvest 10 cabbage 

collect 10 silver notes

rewards: 750 xp, 500 coins, gold bullion


Upgrade Requirements:

Nickel Bank:

  • 10 Abacus
  • 5 Gold Bullion
  • 10 Safe
  • 15 Gold Bars
  • 15 Scales
  • 15 Tellers Windows

Dollar Bank

  • 11 Abacus
  • 6 Gold Bullion
  • 11 Safe
  • 16 Gold Bars
  • 16 Scales
  • 16 Aprons

Silver Bank

  • 12 Abacus
  • 7 Gold Bullion
  • 12 Safe
  • 17 Gold Bars
  • 17 Scales
  • 17 Ink Well


Gold Bank

  • 13 Abacus
  • 8 Gold Bullion
  • 13 Safe
  • 18 Gold Bars
  • 18 Scales
  • 18 Typewriter

Platinum Bank

  • 14 Abacus
  • 10 Gold Bullion
  • 14 Safe
  • 19 Gold Bars
  • 19 Scales
  • 10 Safe Keys

Diamond Bank

  • 15 Abacus
  • 20 Gold Bullion
  • 15 Safe keys
  • 20 Apron
  • 20 Ink Well
  • 20 Typewriter


Request Links:
Bank Teller

Silver note

Bank scale

Gold bars

Ink Well

Bank Permit

Bankers Note



Dont forget to collect your daily Bank bonus! The new bank decorations also give a daily bonus:  

You can get Daily a meal from the Cornucopia,  free grass from the Lawn Seeder,

 thorns from the Melancholy Rose,  poker cards from the Card Shark, a daily care package from the affectionate bear.


The bank also comes with new collections that trade in for bank crates. The bank crates contain a variety of items from decorations, animals, and energy. Each upgrade gives you a chance for more valuable items. (source:

Bag of Money – 1,000 coins

Overflowing Coin Chest – 2,000 coins

Piggie Bank – 3,000 coins

Ornate Gold Chair – 5,000 coins

Ornate Gold Table – 7,000 coins

Tuxedo Llama – 10,000 coins

Bantams – 15,000 coins

Rockefeller Rooster – 20,000 coins

Coffee Tree – 25,000 coins

Grizzly Oak – 30,000 coins

Marble Vase – 35,000 coins

Jeweled Bear Statue – 50,000 coins

Jeweled Eagle Statue – 75,000 coins

Jeweled Llama Statue – 100,000 coins

Marble Column – 250,000 coins

Fancy Carriage – 300,000 coins

Marble Swimming Pool – 500,000 coins

Karnegie Car – 1,000,000 coins

Victoria’s Dining – 2,000,000 coins

Standferd Caboose – 5,000,000 coins

Rockefeller Coat Car – 10,000,000 coins

Danderbilt Engine – 15,000,000 coins

Carriage Horse – 20,000,000 coins



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12-em-plus add reply

where can i get a Lawn Seeder?


hey everybody thats so difficult to do that stuff :)


The storms a brewing message has been around on and off all day longFrown


are the links working for anyone today?
they worked for me yesterday, but not today.
i'm just getting the "there's a storm ... lost the bits" screen for all the links?
thanx ;O

i don't think it's the link - i just got thrown out of the game & now i can't get back in: must be a zynga kind of thingy ;(


are the links working for anyone today?
they worked for me yesterday, but not today.
i'm just getting the "there's a storm ... lost the bits" screen for all the links?
thanx ;O


I heard they had fixed it. It worked for some but only for a short timeFrown


I got the bank, but buying and whacking a general store gave me no parts :(


Its already released to some. You know how Zynga is with the slow releases, lol. 


Did your hint and it worked! When new general store is built, you get bank stuff. Thanks. when is mission being released?

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