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Light-bulbEmpires & Allies Power-up Factory + Materials Links: Build More Faster!

by Elian Roque - Sep 02, 2011 Star_s8,776 views

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Tonight Empires&Allies and Zynga, is slowly rolling-out a new building/feature to everyone along with a new leaderboard called the Destruction Derby. It is called the Power-up Factory! This feature will work very similar to the Army, Navy, and Air Force Research Labs, in the aspect that you will choose an upgrade to make, and then gather the necessary materials to construct it.

Once you receive it you will see this pop-up:

Once your in the game, you should have the ability to construct the new Power-up Factory building, if you wish to purchase another one, they are available in the military tab in the market for 1,000 coins, 100 wood and 10 Uranium Ore. 

Once you you construct the building it will look like this:

Once you have successfully, built the Power-up Factory, you can start building power ups! You can choose from level 1 power-ups all the way up to the powerful level 3s!

Once you choose the power-up you would like to construct, all you must do is simply collect the needed materials from asking your friends! Once you do that, you’ll have the brand new power-up of your choice!

Build more Empires & Allies Power-ups faster using the links below.

Methods: Click the parts that you need and open as many window tabs as you want then send it to your dummy account or friends!

Field Repairs:

Explosive Ammo:

Air Strike:

Missile Attack:

Hunker Down:

Target Jammer:

Target Jammer:



 Questions: Does this look like a feature you will be using? Which power up will you be making first?

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