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Light-bulbNew animal Mastery Building and Missions

by Tonya Collins - Sep 03, 2011 Star_s3,316 views



Animal Mastery points are earned by tending animals and completing animal mastery missions. Mastering animals will also unlock new animals in the market. We will also have two new animals, the moose and the badger. (check the free gifts page!) To get started you will need to place and construct your  clubhouse. Once completed you can access new repeatable missions and view your mastery progress.

**Tip: Unless you want to spend horseshoes on a badger do not start the badger missions until after you finish part III. of the main missions, Master of Agriculture. This mission requires you to complete one 4f mission, however you can only do one 4f mission at a time. The only way to get a badger is after you complete part III or to purchase with horseshoes. 



Missions  (must compete before starting repeatable missions)

Join The Club

 Collect 10 Rbbon Spools

Tend 15 Chickens 

Tend 15 Cows

500xp, 300 coins 50 chicken mastery

Learn By Doing

Tend 15 Neighbor Animals

Sell 10 Adult Sheep

Collect a 4f Mastery Club bonus

600 xp , 400 cons, a moose

Masters of Agriculture

 Complete one 4f mission

Master the moose level 1

Turn in one moose collection

700 xp , 1000 coins, a badger

4F Repeatalbe Mastery Missions


The Badger Boss

 Tend 15 Badgers

Clear 12 Debris

Collect 15 Helping Hands


Reward: 1000 XP, 1000 Coins, 425 Badger Mastery

The Chicken Chaser

 Tend 60 Chickens

Tend Eight Peppermint Trees

collect 15 Helping Hands

Reward: 1000 XP, 1000 Coins, 50 Chicken Mastery


The Cow Congregator

 Tend 15 Chickens

Harvest 15 Flax

Collect 15 Helping Hands

Reward: 1000 XP, 1000 Coins, 300 Cow Mastery


The Moose Master

 Tend 15 Moose

Chop Trees 20 Times

Collect 15 Helping Hands

Reward: 1000 XP, 1000 Coins, 425 Moose Mastery


The Hog Helper

Tend 25 Pigs

Clobber three Varmints

Collect 15 Helping Hands

Reward: 1000 xp, 1000 coins, 175 pig mastery

The Lamb Leader

 Tend 40 SHeep

Harvest 15 Corn

Collect 15 Helping Hands

Reward: 1000 XP, 1000 Coins, 100 Sheep Mastery





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12-em-plus add reply

why ones talk about 3F missions and others 4F missions? I have the 3F one. what's the difference? or is it a bug? thank you


The first three missions are not repeatable but all the ones that follow are and can be started over by clicking on your 4f building. At the bottom there should be a link to repeat the animal mastery missions.


is it possible to redo the MISSIONS?
i'm looking to repeat Masters of Agriculture to get more badgers.
is this possible & if so, where would i find the mission?
thanx all ;O


Understand everything about this animal mastery part-except that my mastery points are not going up at all- I can not complete the moose mission as my mastery points have been on 3 for days-does anyone have any suggestions-and can mastery points still be collected whilst using your Feeder-thanks heaps


@Izzet, if you don't want to purchase one for horseshoes you need to contact them and tell them that you cannot move on until you have a badger since it will not allow you to do any of the other 4f missions at the same time. Maybe see if they can either give you a badger so you can complete the III mission or if they could just finish the badger mission for you so that you can complete part III. It's pretty obvious they put the badger mission at the top of the list on purpose knowing that would be what most people would try to complete first and that we couldn't complete part III to get the free one without first completing the badger mission which means they get money!



Badgers cost 5 horseshoes


yes, i now ,but in mision III (Masters of Agriculture) you must Complete one 4f mission. and i clickt there the badger mision by accident. and now i cant change that mision, al the other 4f misions are closed now, zynga wants me to finish the badger mision first, and i don't have a bagder. so thats why i can't finish the mision III (Masters of Agriculture) also :( because ther they want me to Complete one 4f mission. i hope some one can help me. sorry for my bad english i am from the netherlands.


@ lzzt sert finish have you done everything in mission 3 you dont need a badger you'll get one when your done with mission 3


hello, i can't finish mision III , because i click on badger mision (stupid me) i don't have any badger.and you get one when you finish mision III?what to do now, help please!


@Danka, you get one for finishing part III of the missions.


Can I badger without horse shoes???


thank you Christopher!


@ Marisel yes they have to be adults


damn its working now, Grrr well at lest i can put them cows back now lol Badgers i have 5 thinking of getting more, has anyone been able to buy and do a mission yet, mine still giving me that blasted internet just went all quiet Grrrr


I tended my moose for hours and not even a single mastery, do they have to be adults? or it's just another joke from zynga ? please help i feel i'm waisting my time


O hell im getting burnt again by Z lol damn them, I pulled all my cows out cuz they did give me anything twice Grrr I'll have to check again, hate to put them back in to find out its not working for me, lol


is anyone else having problems with the chickens in storage?
cuz the only ones that are counting towards mastery on my homestead are the ones roaming free.
i've fed over 250 chickens in storage twice now, and they're not counting!
every other animal in storage is counting towards mastery, just not the chickens.
and i'm not getting the free feeding once a day when i harvest the coops either.
a bit frustrating and expensive too - this is sucking up way 2 many lunches lol


The moose is available on the free gift page and you get 1 badger for finishing part III of the missions. 


Can I get moose and badger without horse shoes???


it did except for chickens

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