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Light-bulbStuck in a quest! for the telescope.. completed the other parts, but says I need to get telescope

by Mel Park - Sep 03, 2011 Star_s1,969 views

There are three parts to the task.. I've completed the other 2 parts.. now I need to get the telescop only problem is there are non to buy in the shop.. eekkss... How do I get one?

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12-em-plus add reply

Thanks all I have it now..


Its in the shop in the Living tab. Which page its on varies like crazy. So click slow and wait or images to load. Its in there. Mine was on page 10 but others have had it as high as 11 and as low as 3.


Just go the tab labeled living and click over about 3 times. It should be there.


I am stuck on the same quest and have not been able to find a telescope either.

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