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Light-bulbCan't post link for a Wrench on Gamers Unite! Link Exchange site

by Sandra Bastow - Sep 04, 2011 Star_s337 views

Says "You must enter a valid URL" when I try to post the link for a wrench to the Gamers Unite! Link Exchange site - but there is nothing wrong with the link - so I think its a problem with the URL check on this web page (all other requests seem to work fine).

The link is:


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12-em-plus add reply

So... I am having the same problem with every gift I want to exchange with 'CityVille Gift Exchange!' in CITYVILLE DISCUSSIONS. How can I fix this? Thank you.


hello Pavel, the link exchange for each game is designed to be pretty restrictive.  This is NOT to limit players.  But to prevent links that could potentially take items from those who click on the link or cause an unwanted action that is different from what the post sais the link is for.  They are also restrictive to prevent rogue urls that lead to ..well.. unwanted link that you would really rather not click.

So, it's not a matter of fixing the link exchange, it's a matter of adding to the filter that allows a unique post type to be submitted.  This is all about safety.

Pavel, what links are you having trouble with?  We can check to see what's preventing the link(s) and possible add to the link exchange exceptions for the link(s)  :)


I have the same problem with a few of the items i want to post...fix it guys!!!


This has been fixed.  you should be able to post wrench links now :)


I'm having the same problem, whenever I want to post a link it says "you must enter a valid URL" But I was doing this for months and never had any problem before. Please somebody help.

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