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Light-bulbCool Tip For More Animal Mastery

by Brice Carder - Sep 04, 2011 Star_s300 views

I just found a newer way to get animal mastery while i was working on a misson. If you tend that animal you are working on the misson for you'll get 1 mastery point per tend, but i just figured out if you sell an adult animal (all i know it only works with adults) then you get three mastery point for that animal even if you sarnt working on the current misson for that animal. so thats a faster way to get mastery, buy animals ad grow them to adult then sell them and repeat the process

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12-em-plus add reply

I thought about that but It seems like you would be wasting a lot of energy growing them to adult, since while you are growing them you do not receive mastery until they are adult stage. Then when you sell them you only get 3 mastery.  However you can get the same 3 mastery by feeding and adult animal 3 times. It takes several feedings just to get an animal to adult stage.

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