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Question-whiteStudy Hall of Fame Issue

by Stacey Joy - Sep 05, 2011 Star_s512 views

I am on the 3rd level of this quest, it says to upgrade a library to level 2.  My library is fully upgraded, and I have collected from it 2 times, but it won't acknowledge that my library is fully upgraded.  Do I have to build another one?  Anyone else having this issue?

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12-em-plus add reply

Same problem,I have the last to finished and my Library is upgraded as Level three I think,.There are several quest I have everything done and it does not acknowledge.So frustrating.


same problem.. posted on Cityville forum but no response from Zynga yet..


I'm having the same problem also


same issue here, what to do?


u need to upgrade a new library lol thats there way to get u to buy a new 1


i have the same issue,


I have the same issue. I also have the college library, and it's fully upgraded as well. Debating on building another library because I could use the extra population allowance, but I'd rather build something else.


I am having the same problem and not sure what to do :(

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