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Light-bulbEarly Access to Lighthouse Cove - Z Contest

by Michał Hapka - Sep 07, 2011 Star_s602 views

On the official Z forums LINK our favourite company promised 25 lucky winners early access for newest expansion. The contest last from 7 PM PST Tuesday 9/6 to 3 PM PST Friday 9/9 and involves telling a story using less than 20 sentences and up to 7 pictures of our farm. We are supposed to be creative, and the entries will be judged by effort put in making it as well as presentation and originality.

I know that a lot of ppl will be tempted with the early access to the cove content but that will also mean they will get onslaught of bugs... It would be really hilarious to be locked in new farm and support will refuse to help as it's still unreleased feature lol... Also considering that everything but fences lately costs cash I would like to inform Z that creative isn't equal to spending lots of cash to have a chance.

And let's be honest 25 out of millions of players seems ridiculous at best. IMO It's all bs and is just a ploy to get ppl to spend cash on decorating their farms with promise of great (or not so great in fact) reward.

There is also good side of contest... we know now that the winners will be announced 9/9 which means they will probably get access around same date. If everything goes well rest of us should get access in the middle of September I guess.

So do you feel like telling us stories?


QUOTE from official thread:



25 winners will receive early access to Lighthouse Cove for Free and boasting privileges for LIFE! 25 winners will also be granted exclusive items and an exclusive questline that has handome rewards!
Well if someone thinks it's something worth boasting for LIVE it's kinda sad really.

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12-em-plus add reply

broke as a joke and cant get anything with fv and want to expand to do oter things on farmville.


So funny, lmao!!!


I kinda think that if zynga manages to spell handsome as "handome" then we should all get boasting privilages for being a better speller than a zynga representative

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