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Light-bulbLinks to FREE items! (from Fan Page)

by Chao Lam - Sep 09, 2011 Star_s36,733 views

The Sims Social Fan Page is giving out lots of free items. When the page gets certain thresholds of Likes, more free stuff will be unlocked.

Free Basix Bookshelves Free Basix Bookshelves

Free Still Life Easel Free Still Life Easel

Free CharKoohl Black BBQ Free CharKoohl Black BBQ

Free Liebefunkenmann SS-10 Keyboard  Free Liebefunkenmann SS-10 Keyboard 


p.s. Thanks to Rainexel Zeehk for making a similar post. I'm created this post because her earlier post had ad interstitials in the links and these are directly from the fan page without any ads.

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12-em-plus add reply

the link says it has expired


if it says expired means the link is well expired..!!! so u cant use it anymore i have a link that may help u !! its neew but not all of it i got about 4000 simoleons hope that helped u


im trying to get these items but it keeps saying its expired which i dont understand, ive got other links that are older then these one's and it is not working....


same here :(


just seen this it said link now expired :-(




TY for all the great links!


I removed it already because i also got it from other site , and i found out that it changes the link if you doesn't use the main :D Thanks, I updated my post

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