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Light-bulbLighthouse Cove avaliable for 45FV cash?

by Michał Hapka - Sep 11, 2011 Star_s284 views

There were a new image being shared around (this is from FV masters)

As we can see the ticket is set to cost 45 cash. It is still unreleased but please remember it could have been 75 as well. It have caused a lot of complaining as most aren't happy to pay for an access to new farm. I personaly believe it won't be cash only as we also were able to buy instant flight to EC if we didn't fell like waiting for 4 days (or begging 35 friends for help). There also were rumors that with the ticket there will be few extra things added. For now we have to wait and see for ourselves what it will look like when it's finally out... Hopefully it will be better than those Rotten Eggs.

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12-em-plus add reply

I would be tempted for sure to spend that..

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