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Light-bulbLighthouse Cove : All About quests , Animals , Buildings , Decoration , Crops And Much More ! ( 12 September)

by Albar Wahab - Sep 12, 2011 Star_s2,225 views

Note : We will be able to travel to the Lighthouse cove on the 16 sep And we will get a free tickets :D
Hello Friends , After you finish reading , don't forget to share this post please . This post has all the info about lighthouse Cove Quests , Crops , Animals and buildings.
This is the most interesting part to i kept in the Top . First of all we will build the some land near the lighthouse by asking wood from our friends just like expanding it , then after every day , the lighthouse cove will be ready , we will harvest it for lobsters , fish and seashells , and sell them in the market stall , interesting . Have a look at it

And these Are the Market stalls , CREDIT FVNATION

Message : Visit Light house cove

This image belongs to BELONGS TO FARMVILLE FEED
Below is info About some Buildings for the new farm
A Restaurant  / An Upgraded Restaurant


An Uncomplete orchad / A Finished Orchad
A Chicken coop / An upgraded chicken coop
An Incomplete Barn / A Complete Barn / An Upgraded Barn


Place we "might" eat lobsters or can be a surf shack

Garden Shed

A Fisherman Gnome


Crops :
Chandler Blueberry
Darrow Blackberry
American Cranberry
Butter and Sugar Corn

Mastery Signs

Lighthouse Near the Sea :

An Hamshire Cow and Calf :

Its just an Irish Moiled Cow and calf with a cap on it
FarmVille Quarter Pony And Quarter Pony foal :
Treasure Seagull

another sneak peak at the Farm

Hope you enjoy , check out my rest of the post about lighthouse cove !

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12-em-plus add reply

barn on light house cove not working


I have not even been offered the cove yet and it is really making me mad


how do i make a request for an item for the lighthouse cove where ppl can click on it and give me the item?


I added some more stuff in your old post

Feel free to update this one with them as well. All of them are on Zynga servers.

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