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Light-bulbBank Glitches - Karnegie cars and Coffee Trees

by Tonya Collins - Sep 14, 2011 Star_s279 views

I waited awhile before I posted these so I could try them out for myself. Right now (unitl Zynga fixes it) if you go to page 4 of your bank, deposit 1,000,000 coins for the karnegie car, hit the x, go back in and do it again and repeat, you will get 50 karnegie cars instead of one for each deposit. Each one sells for 25,000 coins. You can then take your extra coins and purchase things in the market for extra xp!

There is also a glitch with the bankers crates. You have a big chance of getting a coffee tree when opening a crate, except right now they are giving 137 instead of one! 

I don't know who long either of these glitches will last so take advantage while you have a chance!

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12-em-plus add reply

Looks like they fixed it : ( 


I still need the money bag and apparently it doesn't come form the fully upgraded bank ; ( I can barely visit neighbors so its hard to finish them. I had to have a friend try the crate glitch. I'm sure by the time I get mine finished it will be fixedFrown


Thank you ....I need to compleat the collection hope the glitch is still there when i do :)


They come from turning in the bank collection. 


Tonya where do i get the bankers crates from ?

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