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Light-bulbLighthouse Cove Animal's babies grows up into their own form when they become adult in the nursery barn

by Albar Wahab - Sep 16, 2011 Star_s1,436 views

The New animal's Foal and calves Grows up into their own form
There are 5 animals till now growing up into their own form
Harvest Pony Foal grows up into Harvest Pony 
Bay Andalusian Foal grows up into Bay Andalusian horse
Sailor Calf grows up into Sailor Cow
Quarter Foal Grows up into Quarter horse
Fall Calf Grows up into Fall Cow
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12-em-plus add reply

Just to update - the Bay Andalusian foal now grows up into a black horse, the sailor calf now produces a holstein cow but the batwing foal still produces a batwing horse.


@Vanessa hmmmmmm looks like you already knew about it


Good to know..


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