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Question-whiteUnable to collect free spins and coins?

by Jay Tee Kay - Sep 27, 2011 Star_s5,164 views

With the exception of the obvious (clicking on the accept button and then going to the lobby of Slotomania in hopes of collecting...which doesn't work), is there a way to collect the free spins and coins? Also, in regards to the 200 or 300 coins (for the first 5 or 10 clickers); My friends and I play in a closely knit group of 4 players, therefore there is no way that the gifts can be taken by----first five clickers get 300 coins---however in many cases large blocks of these requests are "uncollectable" (clicking on the request and being sent to the game, then the message "gift coulcn't be collected" appears).
Is there a viable sollution to these problems?
Regards, Jay

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