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Question-whiteNot able to click on accept & ignore all!

by Dianna Kirchoff - Oct 02, 2011 Star_s126 views

I have checked all of my options. But I am no longer able to click on accept all or ignore all for my gifts. Any idea why?

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12-em-plus add reply

@Tonya My "Accept all" button is also missing for few weeks, and secure browsing is not enabled.
Gamers Unite, PLEASE fix the problem.


@Chris , Do you see the accept all button or is it missing? Zynga is also having issues with gifts not being able to be collected. This happens regardless of if you use one click or try to accept manually. They are directing straight into the game. They are supposed to be working on a fix, but the Zynga Forums are still covered with complaints.  


i dont have the secure browsing on and its not working for me either


Did you also make sure that secure browsing is not enabled?

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