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Light-bulb3F Garden and Crop Mastery

by Tonya Collins - Oct 05, 2011 Star_s3,628 views


Looks like we will have a new 3f Garden! From your garden you will be able to purchase crop mastery missions and track you progress the same as we do for the animal mastery. As you progress you have a chance at finding mystery seeds that can be used to plant super crops. These crops are worth more food coins, xp and mastery and use less energy. There are also 2 new crops, melons and Pink Orchids. The Garden also comes with 4 new missions, as well as 10 repeatable missions.

To start you will need to construct your new 3f Garden.



Main Missions

I. A Growing Interest

Harvest 15 corn

Harvest 20 pink roses

Collect 10 composters

Rewards: 500 xp, 500 coins, 10 super clover seeds

 II: Get Yer Garden Goin’

Collect One 3F Garden Daily Bonus

Harvest any 5 super crops

Clear 8 rocks

Rewards: Orchid unlocked, 700 xp, 700 coins

 III. Romance Blossoms

Complete the clover 3f Mission (purchased in the 3f garden)

Collect three orchid arrangements

Harvest 25 melons (available as gifts and HS in the market, there are issues preventing some from receiving them as gifts at the moment)  

Rewards: Straw Hat, 900 xp, 900 coins

 IV. Make Yer Granny Proud 

Complete the Grape 3f Mission

 Mater Eggplants to level 1

 Tend 50 neighbor  crops

 Rewards: Gardening overalls, 900 xp, 900 coins



Repeatable Missions 


The Clover Grower

 Harvest 80 Clover

 Tend 20 sheep

 Collect 15 Loam

 The Grandeur of Grapes

 Harvest 55 Grapes

 Harvest 15 White Roses

 Collect 15 Loam

 Rewards: 85 Grapes Mastery, 10 Super Grape Seeds

 The Corn Collector

 Harvest 40 corn

 Harvest 40 Blue Corn

 Collect 15 Healthy Soil

 Rewards: 35 Corn Master, Ten Super Corn Seeds

 The Eggplant Expert

 Harvest 70 Eggplants

 Collect Three Inn Bonuses

 Collect 15 Healthy Soil

 Rewards: 70 Eggplant Mastery, 10 Super Eggplant Seeds

 The Mighty Melon

 Harvest 65 Melons

 Collect Three 3F Garden Bonuses

 Collect 15 Loam

 Rewards: 140 Melon Mastery, 10 Super Melon Seeds

 The Pineapple professional

Harvest 60 Pineapples

Chop 20 Trees down

Collect 15 Healthy Soil

Rewards: 100 Pineapple mastery , 10 Super Pinapple Seeds

The Potato Producer

Harvest 60 Potatoes

Collect 3 General Store Bonuses

Collect 15 Loam

Regal Roses

Harvest 20 Red  Roses

Harvest 30 Pink Roses

Collect 15 Healthy Soil

The Superior Strawberrys

Harvest 40 Strawberries

Collect 3 School House bonuses

Collect 15 Healthy Soil

The Wheat Winner

Harvest 35 Wheat

Tend 15 Adult Cows

Collect 15 Loam








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12-em-plus add reply

Do super crops yield the same bonus' as regular crops? I have a bunch, but need what the crops give for the missions and don't want to waste time planting them if they don't. HELP :-)


Hi yall orchid arrangements are part of the Pink Orchid collections Ive been planting them for days now, both pink and vanilla found 1 last night with the pink, just harvested 300 more pink, didn't find a one Grrr gonna plat another bunch and see what happens


does anyone know where the straw hat is from "III. Romance Blossoms"?
i'm all finished with the missions; i'm wearing the overalls & i'd like to be wearing the hat, but i can't find it.
i've checked inventory; hair, hats, outfits but i don't have one!
is there somewhere else i should be looking?
thanx all ;O


how do you get the orchid arrangements. have planted and harvested about 100 orchids but no sign of an arrangement


It sure looks that way. The way things are going it should be one game. This is why I quit Farmville!


are we playing farmville


The super Crops will give better rewards when harvestin. They will be available for Horse shoes in the market but the more you progress with the masteries, the better your chances of finding one. You also get some super seedlings as rewards for the missions.


What is a super crop?

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