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Light-bulbGhost Town Missions and item links

by Tonya Collins - Oct 07, 2011 Star_s3,988 views

Request Links

 Coffin Nail               Glowing Ooze

Suspicious Sap         Gumption

Purple Spider           Scary Seed

Leafy Green             Snackronomicon 

Spooky Pump           Twisted Firewood


Crew: Just like the trail you will need crew to help you on your journey. This time you don't have to worry about making sure the right crew members complete the right task, they are automatically chosen for you. Your Sharp shooter is searching for Hides which come from monster varmits. Monster varmits can be found by clicking on spider webs, Joshua Trees, Skeleton remains and Hoary elms. The mad scientist is looking for potions which come from carnivourous plants. These can be found by clicking on cursed pumpkins, cursed corn, Frankenfruit trees, and withered oaks. The Shaman is on a quest for spirits which come from ghost varmits. Ghost varmits are found by clicking on haunted graves, cursed cows, cursed chickens and cursed sheep.

 Buildings: There are several buildings in Ghost Town, Which all give a daily bonus of xp and charms. You will also need to go into the Saloon, Chapel, and Clock tower and request crafting items that will be needed to complete missions.  You wil also need to craft items in your Haunted Garden, Shagbark Tree and Cauldron on your homestead once completed. Barbara has a great Guide posted here with more specific details. 




 There are also homestead missions that will spawn from completing different missions in Ghost town. You can view them here.

Spirit 'N' Clear it
cure 5 cursed chickens with your Shaman
Collect 1 Spirit with your Shaman
Watch the tutorial video to survey the situation
Rewards: 100 xp, 5 charms, 250 coins

Charmin with Science
Tend 7 Frankenfruit trees
collect 2 potions
Collect a daily bonus from any Ghost Town building
Rewards: 100 xp, 10 charms, 250 coins

Shoootin' 'n' Shoppin'
Chop Hoary Elm Trees 5 Times
Clear 5 Skeletal Remains
Buy a spider web in the Ghost Town Market
Rewards: 100 xp, 20 charms, 250 coins


After completing the first three missions you will receive 3 new sets of missions, which will appear at the same time.

I. Calm the Shaken Sheriff!
Clear 10 Skeletal Remains
Craft 2 warming pads at the Ghost Town Clock Tower
Complete a Giant Cauldron on your homestead (placing Cauldron spawns Trouble Brewin
Rewards: 100 xp, 5 charms, Joshua Tree

II. Shadows and Shades
Chop down 5 Hoary Elms
Collect 20 Hides
Ask for 15 Hoary Handcuffs
Rewards: 200 xp, 10 charms, Hoary Elm

III. Howlin' At the Moon!
Destroy 40 spider webs
collect 30 hide
Ask for 15 Coyote Decoys
Rewards:300 xp, 15 charms , Livery Yard

IV. Defeat the Old Bones Gang!
Craft 6 skull cannonballs in your Giant Cauldron on your homestead
Craft 5 Machinist's Gloves from the Ghost Town Clock Tower
Complete the Skull Cannon
Rewards:100 xp, 50 charms, bone xylophone
I. A Great Hosts Of Ghost
Cure 15 curesed cows
Collect 10 spirits
Ask your friends to fill out a Ghost huntin crew
Rewards: 100 xp, 5 charms, Haunted Grave

II.To Build a Better Box
Craft 4 Ornate Cushions in the Ghost Twon Chapel
Complete a Shagbark Tree on your homestead      (Placing Shagbark spawns Haunted to Happy)
Ask for 20 coffin nails
rewards: 200 xp , 10 charms, Firefly lamp

III.Rise N Shine
Cure 30 cursed animals
Put 20 ghosts back in thier haunted graves
Collect 30 Spirits
Rewards:300 xp, 15 charms , broken wagon

IV.The Ghost of Huge Hugh
Craft 6 tainted nuts in your shagbark tree
Craft 5 Holy Club Sodas from the Ghost Town Chapel
Serve Huge Hugh dinner on the Romantic Dinner barrel
Rewards: 1000 xp, 50 charms, Colossal Chair
I. Veggie Vengenance
Cure 20 cursed pumkins
Collect 10 Potions
Ask friends for 8 power pruners
Rewards: 100 xp, 5 charms, Minecart Garden

II. Infection inspection  
Tend 35 Frankenfruit Trees
Collect 20 Potions
Complete a Haunted Garden on your Homestead   (Placing Garden spawns Screamin greenery)

III. The Odd Orchard
Chop withered oak trees 20 times
Cure 30 cursed corn
Craft 5 detox elixers at the Ghost Town Saloon

Rewards: 300 xp, 15 charms, Haunted Saloon.


IV. Briary Behemoth
Craft 6 doeses of weed killer in your haunted garden
Craft 5 squirtin bags at the Ghost Town Saloon
Complete the Sprayin' Apparatus to defeat the Briary Behemoth
Rewards: 1000 xp, 50 charms, 10 venus flytraps


For each set of missions you complete you will receive a key. After you finish a complete set of missions the following will appear, you must then use each key (by clicking on the mansion.) Once all 3 keys have been used the mansion will be unlocked!




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12-em-plus add reply

All the buildings can be Collected for charms and be sure to go into Cursed Chapel, Cursed Saloon and Haunted Clock tower and request everything. I don't know will it be possible always, but during my first visit I managed to ask for everything: Hides, Potions, Spirits, Hand Stitches, Fat Sack and Burning Berries - from experience with Zynga games I expect that later when things craftable from this ingredients became part of the active mission we'll be able to request only one from every building.


yes I agree with that.. I went last night to Ghost town very slow to load and this morning not there.

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