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Light-bulbATTN: GU Developers - 1-click friends/ZW2 issue

by Mike Nunn - Oct 08, 2011 Star_s90 views

Not sure where to report these issues, so i will post it here and hope they see it.

GU Developers - in Zoo World 2, when attempting to request a gift for land expansion that requires one to select friends from a list to send the request to - the 1-click friends function inserts itself above the list of friends to send the request to. When this happens the image is shifted downward and the blue 'send' button is pushed below the lower edge of the image and cannot be used.

I hope you can resolve this soon as it is a neat tool, but unuseable in this situation.

I have verified this on two computers, and on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The only way to get the blue 'send' button to stay on the screen is to turn off the 1-click friends function.

Thank you.

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