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Light-bulbBingo Blitz Free Credit Posts

by ChNugget Nuggy - Oct 08, 2011 Star_s5,352 views

hiya i see there are lots of post re this topic, and alot are trying to trick people into clicking their link by telling you u will get 10 free credits for doing so! which u will not and i refuse to click any link that says i will as its just rude that that person hasnt bothered to explain for those that do not already know about this. Bingo blitz have an out of facebook page that allows us to play bingo blitz the links people are posting take you to that page, if u click a link u are redirected to that page, you then need to click play, and connect it with ur facebook. then on the left of ur screen u will see a green button saying invite friends now, click that and click shorten url, u will be given ur own link u can now reply to this thread or any other with ur link u have now given the person whos link u clicked 10 free credits, and every person that clicks ur link for the 1st time will give u 10 free credits :-)

here is my link, if u choose to click it you at least now know that u wont be getting free creidts by doing it but i will click the links that are posted in reply to this :-)

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From What I can tell you can only click on one link per 24 hours so that's why you are not credits from some people.

Someone posted this topic and the top two links give you a total of 30 extra credits. The third link is hers so you may not get credits for her.

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