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Light-bulbWelcome to the Gamers Unite! House of Fun - Slot Machines forum!

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Oct 12, 2011 Star_s22,026 views

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12-em-plus add reply

We can make it the way clear to get the house of fun coins at online for free slot machine.


Hello Thanks


House of Fun Free Coins can be collected very quickly and easily by adding House of Fun players who send only free coins. The first 100 levels in House of Fun are easier to achieve by collecting free coins. Once you reach level 100 spins may become more profitable if you have the time. However if you are like me and prefer to log in for short time each day and collect free coins quickly, adding free coin only senders works well. To add other free coin only senders join the house of fun free coins only facebook group:

* If you are sending house of free coin gifts from a pc the game will only send 50 requests to your house of fun friends. Sending free coin gifts to all friends requires the use of a phone, tablet etc..

* To make collecting free coins fast you can easily delete spins via facebook, go to Games, Activity, House of Fun.

* Collect your free coin requests and send free coins before accepting any spins this way you will always return free coins (unless there are HOF issues at the time)..

* Do not click the send me a gift it creates more expired gifts.

* Wait a little time before trying to collect any cannot "connect to facebook" requests they do fix themselves.

* Do Not click on free coin giveaways that are too good to be true-ie. one million free coin giveaway. There are many spammers using House of Fun pictures and pretending to give away house of fun free coins. If there is no link through tinyurl, and the official House of Fun fan page it is most likely not House of Fun.

* People gamez is legit but often re posts free coins already collected via House Of Fun fan page.

* You can collect free coins from the House of Fun, wheel of fun, from your phone and your laptop-I wrote to House of Fun support and it is designed that way. (You will not experience glitches)

* There can be time between your pc and phone (tablet etc) sync. It is best to wait until they do. If your total is not the same wait. Doing otherwise can result in a loss of free coins.

* Collecting spins is time consuming-when i first played i loved and relied upon spins, however once i had enough House of Fun people sending free coins it was much faster and easier. I spent a week collecting spins and managed to collect 500k within the same time frame I collected 1 million free coins. To collect the same amount from spins I needed to be on constantly, however with free coins I only need to log in for 10min a few times a day. Hence my reason for creating a HOUSE OF FUN FREE COIN ONLY group where you can add people who send only free coin gifts allowing you to collect many free coins quickly and enjoy playing. GOOD LUCK!


How to fix house of fun free coin issues, Having problems with House of Fun gifts? Are you having difficulty sending, receiving or collecting house of fun free coins from your inbox?

An option for fixing House of Fun Gifting Issues:

Delete all house of fun gift requests via facebook. Clear your browser cache. Close the app on your phone. Shut down your browser. Send free gifts from phone, iphone, pc etc. Re-open game.

This may not work for all but so far it has fixed all House of fun problems I have encountered this week:

Today I woke to hundreds of expired house of fun free gifts and oops you have already received this free gift messages on all free coins I tried to collect. I could not send free gifts because it said I had sent in the past 4 hours which obviously I hadnt. My computer inbox has not worked all week.

Clearing ALL FREE GIFTS through the facebook news feed and clearing my browser has worked so far. Everything now works as it should. :D

Want more free coins? Join House of Fun Coin Only Group


Hi there, Just wondering if you ended up selling this I have a level 200 account


Selling Level 150+ account with over 100 million invested in experience and over 8 million cash. Inbox for details. Best offer. (House of Fun - Slot Machines)

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