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Question-whiteWhat are whiteprints

by Jerri Schmidt - Oct 12, 2011 Star_s1,597 views

what is the new convert options in buildings in process????

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I still don't know what a whiteprint is and what you are supposed to do with it. I bought yet another cathedral to build, so when I clicked on it it asked if I wanted to convert it to whiteprints--I clicked yes--and then it disappeared, before it was even built.


Yeah, Im sorry. I didnt even notice the change when I had posted my response! Im guessing that instead of paying coin, you simply use a building, but IDK how much white prints one building accounts for so...still figuring that one out.
Sorry again!


That would make sense, except the only buildings allowing convert to whiteprints are the buildings that already have the ability to upgrade. in other words. the list goes down move, etc then
"convert" - to whiteprints, - but it's already in whiteprints?

Am I missing something?


All it is is that you now have the options to not only upgrade wonders but now random buildings. In order to do so, the premise is the same as wonders: you ask neighbors for help with the materials you need and instead of you purchasing blueprints, they just call them white prints. No big difference, really.

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