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Light-bulbSnag Bar for The Sims Social to help your friends! Should we also not call it a Snag Bar anymore?

by Amy Wong - Oct 12, 2011 Star_s8,463 views

We just added The Sims Social to the Snag Bar! Woo Hoo! You can start helping your friends right now by going to the toolbar preferences and ticking "The Sims Social" if you already have the Snag Bar. If you don't have the Snag Bar, you can download it here. We are currently working on adding Adventure World right now and should be released soon too!

Anyway, anybody noticed we said "you can start helping your friends" rather than "you can start snagging"? We've been noticing a change in how posts are shared significantly since we first released the Snag Bar in February 2010. At that time, we only collected bonuses from Farmville.  The name "Snag" definitely sounded right, because most of the posts friends shared on Farmville was (and still is) like this:

Amy is sharing xxx, get one before it runs out!

Sort of reminds you of a clearance sale where all the people are pushing and shoving to get their prizes, it's every man for himself/herself - snag it before the others! 

Lately, more and more games use the post sharing to ask for friends' help rather than giving out prizes:

Please help!
All I ask for is Hope! You just need to click below, I'll get what I need and you'll get a reward, it's win win!

On Facebook, game posts are harder to see now, it gets buried somewhere and it's easy to miss your friends' help requests too. Having a Snag Bar actually means you are helping your friends faster. You want your friends to have the Snag Bar so they can help you faster too. It's literally a win-win situation like the image above says.

We know many people did not like the Snag Bar because they perhaps felt a little guilty or ashamed of using it when the motive was more for selfish reasons (I want to get the prize faster than anybody else). But with the new game system, this should no longer apply because did I already say that you are actually helping each other more with the Snag Bar? :D

So, we are starting to think maybe the word "Snag" doesn't really sound right anymore. We were thinking of maybe even renaming the "Snag Bar" to something else if it makes some people comfortable about using it.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to leave comments below! :)

We also have a new advertisement for the Snag Bar emphasizing this concept and we would love to hear your feedback!

Would it make some people feel comfortable about the Snag Bar? Would it not make any difference? We'd love to hear from you!

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Like many other people who play Sims Social, we all know the "Oops, we've hit a snag." At first, using the snag bar reminded me of that. The word "snag" has acquired a bad feeling with it because that's what comes up when the game gets stuck and has to get reloaded again. (frustrating) But... having used snag bar a few times, I now feel a positive feeling when I see the word snag. It's conditioning. "Snag Bar" seems to fit just right. "Gift Bar" doesn't sound right, although it's accurate. Sims Social is about interacting with each other. Sharing or giving as a gift to help the other players. But "Snag Bar" really does say it all and gives positive meaning to that word we all have grown to dislike so much, I vote for "Snag Bar." Nuf said.


no need in changing it i think we should stay original Snag Bar is the best name for it grab bar but still the Snag Bar has made a name for its self


I find the name snag bar a insteresting name due to the fact that I usually hit a snag at some point as I play since I have been using it.


Grab Bar? I dunno. :/ lol
I like Snag Bar. I mean, that's what it's doing... snagging... Sums it up well.


How about the Share Bar? Although it does arouse pictures of a cute, cuddly and deliriously cheery Bear, the name essentially captures the essence of what we all want to accomplish. Don't ya think? :)


it is and always will be the snag bar :)


I know this post is late, but I personally like the title "Snag Bar". It doesn't have to have a negative connotation. I look at it as snagging up the opportunity to help others. It can mean snagging the posts on the feed.

Each game is different and each game has different objectives and tasks. Finding a game with an all-encompassing term would be difficult, especially given the wide variety of people who use the game. I say keep Snag Bar. It is the name I have grown to use to refer to this tool. Even with a name change I would likely keep referring to it as a Snag Bar out of habit.


Thank you for everybody who commented, we really appreciate all your feedback! Thinking of a name as catchy as the Snag Bar is hard, and we like the Game Bar and Helper Bar but there are other tools out there that have a similar name (Zynga Game Bar, Farm Helper) so we are still not sure if this is the right direction to go. The phrase "it's not snagging anything!" has become a GU! trademark now, we need something just as catchy! :D Anyway, we will continue to think about how to make people comfortable using the Snag Bar and we would love to keep hearing your opinion!

There were so many other valuable feedbacks on this thread such as a better message to show when people share the Snag Bar on their Facebook page. (thanks Chris for the suggestion!)  and we are planniing to do this on many places as possible on our site :) We loved hearing about the auto-like feature too and we are seriously considering of a way to auto-like only helpful posts and rare items.

Thanks again for all your feedback :)


I have only just started using GU, and I love it. I used to spend literally ALL day sitting at the computer combing the feeds for items. I have tried several different bonus grabbers, but all of them still require you to click through the posts. Since I started using GU I have more time to play FV & CW.
((AND more time to spend with my family!!))
I have been using it for about a week now, and this is the first time I have come out and said i use it, for fear of losing valuable neighbors. But I have so many neighbors that I don't even care anymore! So thank you for this wonderful app
Side Note: New Name for the snag bar....Game Bar is by far the best option to go with, because of all the valid points others have posted
Auto-Like feature is the best, although in the beginning it got me into trouble because I was "using" it too much and Fb actually banned me from using the 'like' feature! Now that was funny! But MY biggest pet peeve is when someone does not click the like button, especially when i am posting trees in FV!
An auto-like feature to use only on ''help a friend'' posts, and ''there's only one to share'' posts would be the best option!


I was thinking of a new title for the snag bar.... reading some more posts I think "HELP BAR" might be a better name if it is to be changed.
It helps your friends (1 minute coop expansions) it helps you get the dishes done because you are not combing the feeds all day. it helps your game go better..... and there are other "snag bars" I have seen used by other people in various games.
"I also saw I would suggest REWARD bar or GAME bar or REQUEST grabber" these might work
"Gather bar" could work too.. as in hunter/gather.

I also HATE IT when people AUTO-LIKE. I know by the fact it was done I have had help... the likes take up space in my posting feeds and I might miss a friend who really needs a word because of all the likes I would have to swim through.


I can see where you would want to change the name of the toolbar for a variety of reasons. But, even though in like the Sims for example you are 'helping' folks instead of 'snagging' an item... your still actually snagging the help request in order to assist them.
So, my choice would be to leave it as Snag Bar.


As long as it still does what it does now, I don't care what you call it. You can call it the Poop Bar for all i care xD


loveee it :)


I love GU and it's tools I do not snag all items and like that I can pick and choose what to grab. IE I do not get all animals just a few of each and then do not snag any more of it.. I usually complete quests without snagging them as with GU I have so many gaming friends that I get stuff done in minutes. I also like that I can "like" a post as it lets friends know I helped. If I lose a friend due to using GU "who cares" I add new friends everyday from GU who know how valuable a tool it is.


@Chris, thanks for the kind words. Your advice to change our toolbar install page is a great one. We didn't think of it in terms of how it would look when users share that page!


ahhhh i already hitting "snags" on sim social enough lol
would be lovely if it was called a "gift" bar or a "loot" bar?


I am an admin on several groups for FB games and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that you have added more games to the snag bar. THANK YOU!!!! I could give you a big hug all of you who have made it possible!!!
as far as the name I think the name SNAG BAR is fine I am used to it but I do know what you mean I would suggest REWARD bar or GAME bar or REQUEST grabber lol

I also wanted to comment on the like button... I think it is very valuable and we do have the option to stop it from clicking the like button. Many of my neighbors thought no one was helping unless you see the like button and then they could see who has helped them its also a psychological thing..... when you see that someone has clicked the LIKE button on request you have sent it makes you feel as if you are getting somewhere and people are helping especially when you just start a game.

I share GAMERS UNITE with everyone and anyone who plays FB games and I share the link on my FB page and groups very very often. It would be very nice and I think more people would click on it if when I shared the link it looked like the 'HELP YOUR FRIENDS AUTOMATICALLY" down load box does above. If you could do this it would make my life so much more easier. I spend so much time typing in what the snag bar does and what Gamers Unite has to offer that if I could just share the link to this site and it be as the "HELP YOUR FRIENDS AUTOMATICALLY" box does it would make a BIG difference. I know if I seen it that way I would have come to this site a LONG time ago, it says it all and its a marketing strategy eye catcher and it shows what games it works for. That is very important because I am very selective on what games I play because I don't want to spend hours clicking on post to help my friends or to get the items I need. Its not that I don't want to help on the contra I really do want to help but I want to play the game and not spend hours clicking on post. I would rather help my friends in other ways and the best way is to keep playing.

You all are doing an extremely GREAT job I love this site and all that you do THANK YOU ALL!!!!!



Ack, bar is not compatible with Firefox8


Thanks @Lynx for your well-reasoned opinions!


I totally love Gamer's Unite and have since my sis in law told me about it.

Snag Bar Opinion:
The problem with the name snag bar is it gives the impression that I am only out for myself. I like the feature because I don't always have time to sort through the feeds to help my friends. At least several of my friends listened to me when I explained that I could change the settings to where it helped them instead of just taking things.

Non Gamer's Unite Friend Issues:
Unfortunately, a few friends found out that I use it, had the wrong idea about the feature due to the name and unfriended me because they considered it theft even though I used one-click gifts to send things to them whenever they asked and snag to help build their barns and fill in their wish lists.

The other downside is being blocked from posting to their pages. How am I supposed to share truffles when they do that? Simple, I can't. However, it is very time consuming to take all these people out of my farmville neighbor list.

Opinion on Auto-like:
My problem with auto-liking is that it can blow apart my notifications until that's all I can see. I keep that part of the feature turned off. I would love the ability to like things like barn raising and wish list requests.

Thanks to everyone at Gamer's Unite who have worked so hard to make these games fun again. Especially thanks for providing a tool that lets me have the time to socialize while it does all the link clicking :)

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