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Light-bulbThe Count Duckula Quests are Slowly Rolling Out! All 6 here so you can start planning :D:D....

by Teresa Donald - Oct 12, 2011 Star_s8,826 views

Count Duckula Castle Quest 1: A Frightening Feast!
Get 8 Banquet Invitations
Place 1 Duckula’s Castle
Harvest 75 Pumpkins
Reward:  50 XP/  Red Cat/  2500 Coins

Count Duckula Castle Quest 2: Lively Libations!
Get 8 Spooky Grails
Harvest the Red Cat---harvest outside the pet run
Harvest 100 Grain Crops
Reward:  50 XP/  Duckula’s Raven/  2500 Coins

Count Duckula Castle Quest 3: A Spooky Scene!
Get 10 Scary Decorations
Upgrade Castle Duckula to Spooky
Harvest 100 Fruit
Reward:  50 XP/  Spider Web Tree/  2500 Coins

Count Duckula Castle Quest 4: Fun in the Dark!
Get 10 Blindfolds
Master Red Cat to Level 1
Harvest 75 Golden Poppies
Reward: 50 XP/  Purple Pumpkin Gnome/  2500 Coins

Count Duckula Castle Quest 5: Setting the Table!
Get 12 Table Centerpieces
Master Red Cat to Level 2
Harvest 150 Vegetables
Reward: 50 XP/  Pumpkin Snowman/  2500 Coins

Count Duckula Castle Quest 6: Finishing Touches!
Get 12 Party Favors
Harvest 3 Duckula's Ravens---these should be harvested outside the aviary
Upgrade Castle Duckula to Eerie
Reward: 50 XP/  Court Jester Costume/  2500 Coins



Building info for Count Duckula's Castle



ty fvmasters

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12-em-plus add reply

Michele the Red Cat is a reward from the first quest, recheck your inventory and then contact Zynga if it's not there


i sold draculas bats, you should make it so we came buy them for coins in the market so i can finish quest


basket to be given next wk i quess


Where do you find the red cat?? At first I thought it was a reward but it's not in my inventory and it's not in the market.


still no halloween basket for tickets whats the go with this.


ok, so yesterday someone asked about the halloween ticket situation and there was no reply to the question. I am assuming they are rolling out "slowly" ( what a hoot) but come on let get them out.. we are already harvesting those tickets and no where to put them. I have even looked to see if it is the market and it is not there. This is October 16 already.....can you say "nothing like the last minute!"


I agree!
The prizes are not really good but keep in mind that they're FREE!
And also get more prizes when the Halloween basket arrives...
And i think the prizes are gonna be really good, last year they weren't bad..


i got some hallowen ticket when i harvest the castle. when i should use it it says Whoa there farmer, You dont have anywhere to put that hallowen ticket. try placing your hallowen basket first.. hmm i cant find any hallowen basket anywhere not in my bag or in market. any1 that know wehre to find it.


Well some of us are stuck doing this quest because you can not harvest your animals when you put them in the pen.. talk about frustrating.  The task to master the cat when they know it it is not working properly kills me.... WOOFED OUT!! German Shepherd Issues and More!! Not getting Your Masteries? New Updates!


quest 5 pumpkin snowman reward is in the market for coins.


I would assume it is a decoration....and lots of collecting for the centerpieces, etc.  And I agree the prizes aren't Z's best lol


The tree is just a decoration right? Well to be honest the rewards are even worse than most of the cove quests lol... only one worth mentioning is the cat and the reven... and I'm not really happy with the task to master the cat to lvl2... oh well i can ignore those... even the gnome is ugly...

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