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Light-bulbHidden Rewards (Gun Safe Locations)

by Tony Hull - Oct 14, 2011 Star_s7,180 views

Street Creds, $, Unique weapons and armor, Experience, and Collection items are hidding throughout the game.  Here are 4 locations I've found so far.  We can update as new information comes in! Smile

Casino Row

Granite Square

Neon Strip


Bluebird Meadows (image & location provided by Sayan Guha Roy)

West Side Wharf (location provided by Stefan Dread)

Boxer Island

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12-em-plus add reply

Where's the Pinion Corner one? Looked and looked and can't find it. :( xx


There are 3 gun safes on your own home turf.

The tumbled down house south of the intersection has one. The dead car west of the intersection has another one. The third gun safe is in the abandoned building south east of the intersection--for the most part, it is a shadow.


~~~~Casino city Gun safe~~~~
if u over the level 15 then u can't get it back u must go to casino city before loading full city then click that gun safe before shown the casino :)


Casino Row Gun Safe- It's a pain in the ass but I was able to do it. While the page is still loading, find the safe and click on it as fast as you can. I was able to do it in 3 trys getting one search each time. The glitch is that the office's click space overshadows the gun safe. the office is not there for a few seconds when you first load the page. Position the mouse in the upper left region of your screen and you'll be able to click on it once you see it.

Hope This Helps,


Clear the dilapidated house on your turf and you'll get a gun safe.


yeah i cant get the one in casino row either


ok I cant actually click on the Casino Row one, ive even zoomed in and it wont highlight the damn safe, anyone got any ideas?


buy the expansion on your home turf. the one with car in the shadows.. clean that up and you'll find the safe.


Bluebird Meadows


Bluebird Meadow - Gunsafe is between The 2 Ranch Style Houses next to the Bus

Westside Wharf - Gunsafe is Directly below the Moving Truck between The wall and Green Packing Crate

Boxer Island - Gunsafe is between 2 Barracks Buildings next to the Clean Quonset Building


ou very very nice:D


There is one more at your own turf, i'll try to bring a screen soom cause i already opened it :)

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