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Light-bulbWerewolf and Vampire POTIONS -What is it for??

by Pixel Dantas - Oct 15, 2011 Star_s5,947 views

I use these potions, but besides I get a custume I didnt notice any change on game play... what do they do when you drinkl it??

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12-em-plus add reply

Normally when you visit a neighbor, you get one energy. After you visit so many (not sure how many it takes), the game gives you 5 energy for a single neighbor. After drinking werewolf potion, I noticed it gave me 3 energy and 325 coins for each neighbor visited. After about 8-10 neighbors, I received 15 energy for one neighbor. It looks like it (at least) triples the amount of energy you get from visiting neighbors.


when u feed animals and harvest fruit trees with vampire potion u get lots of energy havent worked out the werewolf potion yet

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Hiya go tend your neighbors land and you get more coins and more energy, they give ya one or the other ;-)

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