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Question-whitehelp me pls...

by Delia Droanca - Oct 18, 2011 Star_s6,037 views

i cant pass the 40th level.... i spend all my moneys, a lot of lives... help me pls.... a trick, someting....

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Level 40 was a pain until I read about the green flashing spider; once I had him I hit the walls and bingo! 2 stars! BUT ... now I'm stuck on level 41 and the green flashing spider gets dragged back up too quickly, never to be seen again! Does anyone know what determines when he arrives, is it by number of bubbles or something?! *head-desk*


I can't go to the next level either maybe because there are no more levels.

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To beat level 40, first you have to get some of the balls to drop in the cauldron and watch your point meter move some, then when you get your double spiders down you're almost there, look for one of those spiders to drop down and turn GREEN and start blinking, then hit your wall this should really increase your points, I got 3 stars by doing that !! hope this helps you, I'm on level 75 I passed it with 3 stars it tells me to continue but it wont go to another level, so I don't know how to solve this problem. good luck


it took me awhile to pass level 40, I had to use the first potion, if you need more money to buy it you need to go back to easier levels & get more stars. I am now stuck on level 55 for about 3 weeks now and its a bear, I have reached the top about 4xsbut still manage to be 30,000 points short of a star. Good luck


I hope when someone finally figures out level 40 that they will share with all! This is a hard level to complete!


I too am having trouble with level 40. I can drop all of the bubbles easily enough but can't manage to score enough to gain a star. Any ideas anyone please?

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