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Light-bulbnon-friends = 5 more actions

by Ruben Dario Garzon - Oct 18, 2011 Star_s1,276 views

well i am clicking, and notive that i can see non friends. in game

this is really well for me because i dont have too many friends.

(other people here - sorry for take your ids for the example)

i hope, that this become help full to another people.

my visitid,


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Mafia Wars 2: Please join my crew and send gifts. I need Street Cred and Building Materials. I play daily and reward my crew to the maximum every single day. Thanks.


hey, hit up my parts factories first plz! need lots o parts....
thanks for your help


this is funny because everyone can use your link now and change *visit* to *rival* and attack you lol

Lv 48, please visit, need lotsa products, thanks!

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